WWE Anonymous Revealed?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Acailler, Feb 14, 2013.

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  1. [video=youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBEV6-Yxoko[/video]

  2. lol wut

    Why would Anonymous concerned themselves with WWE? Shit's a train wreck as it is.
  3. Paige? Since when do Divas get a serious vignette to hype their debut?

    Looks like a Vampiro-like person.
  4. Pretty sure WWE has nothing to do with this video. lol
  5. Something that keeps people guessing = Nothing to do with WWE....

    Sounds about right :pity:
  6. Why are people still talking about this it's A FUCKING TROLLLL :angry:
  7. Kharma :obama:
  8. Fake as fake can be.
  9. :mad2:
  10. Bullshit they are not going to hype up a diva unless it was kharma. lol for you believing it
  11. These fake videos are quite entertaining. The creativity isn't bad at all.

    Speaking of vignettes, WWE needs to have an interesting debut or vignette around a return. I miss the "It Begins" one.
  12. If Bray Wyatt doesn't get debut vignettes once he's called up of equal quality or better than his NXT ones I'll be pissed.
  13. 1) It's all fake
    2) If it was real, didn't they they've been with WWE before but are returning a different person or some shit like that? If it was Paige, she hasn't worked for them before.
  14. Why people give so much credit to random Internet videos :downer:
  15. It gets better...


  16. lmao wow another video about wwe anonymous, I posted about this awhile back ago. Let it go since people opened my eyes. to let me know it was fake and all. Unaware about the new video though. The first video had Leo Kruger in it. It was fake, this one is too.
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