WWE apparently makes first Swedish signing

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Mar 6, 2013.

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  1. Gonna have to try and find a more legit source on this but WWE has apparently signed former gladiator (read American gladiators style show), arm wrestling champion and pro bodybuilder Sarah Bäckman (pronounce the first part of her surname "Beck") to a developmental deal. I'm trying to find some more wrestling related sources on this but the Swedish Fitness site she used to blog for has congratulated her on her developmental deal.

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    For those wondering how she looks here's a pic:

    Seen her on TV and she is without a doubt athletic and also a fair bit charismatic. Hopefully she can develop some ring skills in Florida. Another strike for Triple H in signing athletic divas instead of models. Also first Swedish WWE signing if all is legit which makes me a bit proud. :obama:
  2. Looks good, hopefully she can develop some good in ring and mic skills. Seems to be a lot of signings in the Diva division recently, I guess they're going to try after all.
  3. Man she looks good :gusta:
    Great to know that they actually do care about the Divas division!
  4. Diva instead of models?


    Making Sweden look good. :otunga:
  5. Stopspot I hope you're next WWE signing from the great country of Sweden!
  6. Gotta get in ring shape and get some training. Then I'll kick the door in whilst riding in on a longboat with a horned helmet on.
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  7. With the way her hair is it looks like she has a freakishly large left bicep, anyone got any vids of her performing?
  8. She hasn't wrestled before from what I understand but here is a vid of her working out. She has really big arms for a lady.

  9. Wasn't she on some gladiator show though, did she speak on it (can't understand the words but the tempo would give an idea of her natural ability at least) or perform any athletic feats?
  10. I'm trying to find something from it.
  11. @seabs here is a clip of her from the Swedish version of Gladiators. She doesn't speak in it but it shows her playing her part and interacting with the crowd and such.
  12. :emoji_grin:AMN:
  13. I can't play it :downer:
  14. Athletic Divas are always a good thing, instead of models. Looking forward to seeing her on WWE. But every time a Diva gets hired I get a bad taste in my mouth, because it doesn't really matter how talented she is, she'll just be thrown into that... uh... let's call it "division".
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  15. Honestly expected Stopspot's face to appear in the OP with a troll expression.

    "Oh, you guys thought I was an indy-fan? Fuck you, WWE4LYFE".
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