WWE Asking Fans for Help with New Divas TV Show

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Extraterrestrial, Apr 4, 2013.

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  1. WWE has a new poll on their website asking fans to help name a potential reality TV show for the Divas. They wrote:

    "WWE is contemplating a potential Divas reality show: It's a new reality series following the life and times of eight WWE Divas that lets viewers into the Divas locker room, behind the scenes on the road, and inside the personal lives of some of the most glitzy, gritty and glamorous celebrities in all of entertainment. So, WWE Universe, what would you name this show?"

  3. You have to lol at WWE sometimes. They really have no clue.
  4. :true:

    You know me so well
  5. Well at least it would give them something to do. It could even be a way to get them over so that people won't go the bathroom during their matches.
  6. i dunno..
  7. I suppose it's not porn, so what's the point?
  8. Divas locker room:gusta:
    Aj:fap: :fap: :gusta:

    They should let them wrestle.
  9. :robbie: WWE has 8 Divas? :haha:
  10. I would call it 'Good luck getting any channel to pick up that abortion. '
  11. Are we talking TV show or Youtube show :hmm:
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