WrestleMania WWE attempting to break Harlem Shake record at 'Mania?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Rysenberg, Mar 3, 2013.

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  1. http://www.411mania.com/wrestling/news/275410/WWE-To-Attempt-The-World//s-Largest-Harlem-Shake-At-Wrestlemania.htm#L7cIYCtVbOufggrQ.99

    Fuck life.
  2. :facepalm: wtf...
  3. So WWE is trying to fill Madison Square Garden with a whole bunch of people acting like they're having a seizure.

    Think about that one.
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  4. Lols, I didn't think they'd get that many people wearing masks for a Botch Cara vs Rey fight.
  5. :pity2: I'm going to assassinate whoever came up with the Harlem Shake
  6. You'd probably get stuck doing Naval missions instead.
  7. At least their name will go down in the history books for breaking a record, the more the better.
  8. :bury: Fuck this company
  9. Don't even care anymore about random internet stuff that becomes extremely popular for no reason and is forgotten a month later. No use in getting mad at those anymore.
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  10. Cena starting to dance and thousands of PG kids wearing his shirt dancing around him. Creepy
  11. WWE should create trends, not follow them like blind monkeys.
  12. Hornswoggle will start it.
  13. Not how society works today. Were WWE "mainstream" enough I guess they could do it.
  14. Puke time.
  15. The only one I liked was the one with the topless broads. They should make a world record with that.
  16. Why do people care enough about this to bash? So what? It'd be a record held, and that's pretty cool. It's seemingly easy to do as well:

    *One person go dance*
    *We put music on*
    *Everyone dances*

  17. Wow, yet another reason for me to stop watching it...
  18. A group of random people in Australia started this, so the WWE Marketing Machine can probably push something that'll catch on...

    Wait, WWE hasn't pushed anything that caught on in years, never mind! :dawg:
  19. I really dont care. I cant express it, because I just cant find the time to give a fuck.
  20. Makes reply telling everyone how he doesn't have enough of a fuck to reply :mad2:
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