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  1. The link isn't working for me, is it working for you?
  2. Yeah it works fine for me.
  3. It's saying "server not found." I'm currently using firefox and YouTube isn't working for me either, so I don't know what the issue is.
  4. I am using firefox as well so I am not sure why neither are working for you.

  5. I saw this the other day, crazy prices for some of the things but cool if you are wealthy i suppose.

    The clothes are just t shirts and hoodies though if i remember right so not that weird like if they were auctioning off Kelly Kelly's used underwear or whatever.
  6. If I seen kk's underwear up there I would call China. lmao
    And yeah but them prices... Way to much. I wouldn't pay more than double the normal price for an autographed shirt or hoodie
  7. People is paying 815 bucks for a replica belt signed by The Rock. I may place a 450 bucks bid on AJ's signed replica belt.
  8. That's one ugly belt though.
  9. True, but it's just to raise the prize. I wouldn't pay 450 bucks for a replica
  10. Im gonna buy Rollins's SHIELD gear and put it on then touch myself to the fantasy of Seth Rollins.
  11. Go ahead and do it, but ignore those wet parts. They may be because I used it before...
  12. Gaaaah I want those Rollins gear. <3

    Those are some crazy-ass prices. o.o
  13. How is it creepy? Sports teams and celebrities have been doing things like this for a long long time. Fans will fight tooth and nail for something that has been used by said celeb, since it increases its supposed value.

    Its pretty darn normal.

  14. Pretty sad that this kind of attitude is considered "normal".

    That being said... 80,000$ on KK's undies!
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  15. It is weird to me! I wouldn't want something that someone else, a complete stranger mind you, wore. I don't care if it is a shirt, a hoodie or even a hat. That grosses me out. lol
  16. I guess I am the odd man out :okay:
  17. So that means that second hand/thrift shopping is weird as well then? Or hand me downs?
  18. Nooo I meant that the people who will pay a HUGE amount of money to have clothing someone wore and then, without washing it, they wear it. That is what creeps me out. lol
  19. People don't wear collectors items. Because them wearing them themselves devalues them. They buy them because they are in a "mint condition" (Like when the original wearer wore it). Thus them using it would be devaluing it since you could risk wear and tare. Most probably just store them in a closet or if its a jersey put it on the wall to say "Look at this, Tim Tebow's jersey" to friends.
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