WWE awards $10,000 scholarship to Full Sail University student Geraldo Gutierrez

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  1. WWE awards $10,000 scholarship to Full Sail University student Geraldo Gutierrez


    WINTER PARK, Fla. – The scene was celebratory at Full Sail University when WWE COO Triple H was on hand Thursday evening to award a $10,000 scholarship to Full Sail student Geraldo Gutierrez, continuing WWE's partnership with the academic institution. 

    “Education is a key pillar of WWE’s corporate social responsibility platform,” said Triple H. “We are proud to award the first of many scholarships to Full Sail students and thrilled to be able to continue enhancing the University’s classroom learning with this unique hands-on experience.”

    WWE has teamed up recently with Full Sail to exclusively host the tapings of WWE NXT, WWE's showcase for the Superstars and Divas of tomorrow as they hone their craft and prepare to take their first steps into the world of WWE competition. Part of the partnership between WWE and Full Sail has enabled students to produce the NXT shows, with all proceeds benefitting the scholarship fund. NXT has also played host to visits from WWE Champion CM Punk, United States Champion Antonio Cesaro and Cody Rhodes, all of whom have mixed it up with several of the up-and-coming Superstars that compete in the developmental league.

    Gutierrez's scholarship was delivered by Triple H himself (10-time WWE Champion John Cena also made an appearance at the ceremony) to kick off the next wave of tapings at the University. Gutierrez was selected for his professionalism, creative talent and good academic standing, all while he shadowed professional WWE staff and crew during NXT's production.

    “It is a tremendous honor to have been selected for this scholarship,” said Gutierrez. “I am so grateful for this incredible opportunity.” 

    The scholarship will be applied toward Gutierrez’s studies in the Recording Arts, Bachelor of Science Degree Program at the University.

    “This is a great moment for our students and the University,” said University President Garry Jones. “This scholarship is a testament to WWE’s commitment to and its belief in the importance of education in the entertainment and media industry.”

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