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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Dec 26, 2012.

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  1. Posting here since it involves both shows live show schedule.

    Hope they bring Cesaro vs Miz to TV. Both guys need a feud and Miz can help make Cesaro plus carry him on the microphone.

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  2. And Cesaro can carry Miz in the ring. :pity:
  3. Can Miz's ring skills really be cranked down on now? He's stepped up his game since his return at MITB and his new, more aggressive style works real well. Obviously Cesaro will do the "heavy lifting" but Miz is not the stale in ring competitor he once was.
  4. It won't last long imo. I try to enjoy Miz in the ring every week, but after 3/4 minutes I'm distracted..
  5. Appearance by the Outlaws, pretty cool.

    Cesaro vs Miz would be pretty good indeed, every Cesaro match is good and Miz can carry the promos, although I'm still on the fence about his face turn.
  6. Caesaro needs a better opponent than the Miz. If the ADR face change happens, that would be a better choice IMO.
  7. Agreed.

    Cesaro needs a feud to really get him over, so your suggestion is a superstar who was pushed to the moon but can't even get crickets to chirp? Nah, Cesaro needs Miz in my opinion.
  8. As discussed in another thread, Del Rio's move set and charisma will benefit him a lot more as a face. Give him a few weeks as a face and you'll see what I mean. I agree he's not good enough to be in the ME scene, but feuding for a US title is perfect.
  9. Miz sucks lol. People still think otherwise?
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  10. Apparently so, I can't wrap my head round it.
  12. NAO should return to live TV.

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