Backlash WWE Backlash 2016 PREDICTIONS CONTEST

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solidus, Sep 10, 2016.

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    Winner - $1000 forum cash
    Runner-up: $500 forum cash
  2. Done.
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  3. Went with Ambrose, Nikki (even though my heart's with Becky), Usos, RKO, The Miz.
  4. Huh? No.

    AA are out due to Gable's "injury". The Usos will be facing Hype Bros in a qualifying match to enter the tourney finals. Here.

    Usos will defeat Hype Bros and then go on to defeat Slater and Rhyno to become inaugural SmackDown tag champs, while we're at it.
  5. I deleted my post, for a reason, bro.
  6. Alrighty, then.
  7. -Styles
    -Yes, only the WWE title (@Solidus I wasn't sure if the Womens and Tag Team counted as title changes if they are currently awaiting their first champions)
    -Yes, Styles will win clean
    -Yes... Luke Harper or AA to return

    Word is Usos will be champs, but I see this, Rhyno and Slater win and they LOSE the belts immediatley to the heel Usos before Slater signs the contract (thus Bryan/McMahon decide no to sign Slater since he isn't the tag champ) and we keep this gag going to upset us all and get him even more over... or Slater does sign and he keeps a long reign with Rhyno and he's over as fuck... well that's what I want

    Behind the Luke Harper return, SD just needs him and Erick Rowan needs him
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  8. MIZ- Needs to drop to anyone that isn't Dolph.
    Slater/Rhyno- Just makes sense; you can have them drop on Tuesday.
    Orton( But Bray really needs the win)
    Nikki Bella- Politics FTFW.
    AJ Styles- Because it just makes aaaaaaallllll the sense in the world.
  9. If Rhyno/Slayer don't win I'll give Adam a soul, and then take it from him.
  10. went with

    Ambrose- Pinfall
    Ziggler- DQ/Countout
    Orton- Pinfall
    Nikki Bella
    The Usos

    O title changes
    Yes on clean finish for ME
    No on any returns
  11. AJ Styles - Pinfall
    Dolph Ziggler - DQ
    Bray Wyatt - Pinfall
    Nikki Bella
    Heath Slater and Rhyno (Defeating the Usos) - Pinfall

    1 title change
    Clean finish for the main event
    No returns
  12. Dammit! I knew I should've voted for what my heart said - Styles, Becky and Slater/Rhyno.

    Oh, well.
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  13. LOL, I never win anything. Hopefully that changes with Clash of Champions. #TeamOptimism
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  14. (Wakes Up)
    (Goes to the Kitchen)
    (Makes Breakfast)
    (Goes to the PC)
    (Goes to The Forum)
    (Drinks Coffee)
    (Sees Cats Videos)
    (Goes to the Alerts)
    (Spits Coffee)
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  15. Papa bless
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  16. I'm making more money on here than in real life :emoji_slight_frown:

    How much forum cash is equal to £1? I can start stocking up.
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  17. You can buy $500 forum cash for $5. So £1 is like $130 forum cash.
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