WWE Backstage Fallout: March 26th (Miz, Drew, Booker)

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Snowman, Mar 27, 2012.

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  1. Expected better from Miz, but him being 3-0 at 'Mania was really nice. Really like the way Drew sold his hatred for Teddy throughout his career.
  2. First Miz 3-0 will be 4-0 new streak?

    Second is Christians injury real or kayfabe?
  3. Technically he's 3-2 if you include dark matches...
    If someone brings that up in a promo it would be great. 24 he lost a Dark Match Battle Royal, 25 he lost the Tag Title Unification Match.

    Looking into that.
  4. LOL that'd be a great rebuttal in the build up this week bout dark matches.

    And cool I've looked but can't seem to find anything but I was surprised to see him pull out tbh so I kinda think it's a real injury or recurrence of his old one meaning he aint fit to wrestle as seems strange to bring him back otherwise.
  5. Sorry but Drew is cringe worthy in backstage segments lol. He could never be a face (my opinion).

    Miz better go 3-0, next Undertaker right there.
  6. Miz the new streak I'm having that @[Crayo]
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