WWE Bans the Curb Stomp

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by WarMachine, Apr 20, 2015.

  1. I think it's actually a good idea on their part. There isn't a single move that's "needed" in wrestling, and if anything it's going to add intrigue IF he does it once in a while. I also think it can be used in storylines like when The Undertaker's Hells Gate was banned, but the only difference is that the Curb Stomp in actually banned
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  2. [​IMG]
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  3. It should of been banned to begin with. That move can be pretty dangerous. Concussions are taken very seriously now, as they should be.
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  4. I guess that's alright
  5. not buying it. lol
  6. I was more or less counting down the days till this happened, unfortunately. If they banned Orton's Punt Kick out of a concern that it could cause a head injury and whatnot, then it was probably only a matter of time before Rollins' Curb Stomp was treated the same way.

    Still, what next? Banning Bryan's kick to the head? Cesaro's mid-air European Uppercut? Any variation of the DDT? And why are they mainly just concerned about head injuries? The current roster is booked to wrestle through more hardcore matches nowadays than they arguably ever have been, perhaps they should limit the number of those if they're so concerned about their health?
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  7. That's bad, the move was pretty over. I had grown to like it.
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  8. Seth's new finisher at 3:04 mark.
    Ehh, Curb Stomp was so much better.
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  9. Not a fan of this new finish.
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  10. Ridiculous. He injured (to my knowledge) zero people with it. Smells like a sabotage, tbf. At this point WWE should just ban the striking offense altogether and turn into a pure graps promotion. Hmm, thinking about it, I might watch it more often then. Hmm...
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  11. [​IMG]
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  12. So... basically a finisher that is almost practically the same thing as Ambrose's double-armed DDT? That's fucking lame.

    And what's ironic is that there's nearly as much force to the opponent's head slamming to the mat there as there was with the Curb Stomp. So they basically accomplished nothing from getting rid of the Curb Stomp except for losing a really unique finisher.
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  13. I've looked for this gif for so long. Thank you
  14. Correct.

    And yeah, banning Curb Stomp for storyline purposes only would've been cool. But this way, aww hell naw!
  15. WWE trolling with their fucking thumbnail.
    I'm pretty sure it'll get unbanned or be used similar as Orton's punt. They'll bring it back.
  16. I fail to see the similarities outside of both being DDTs.

    Dean's is double armed, Seth's is a single arm underhook one, combined with different executions (Dean sits out and falls on his back, Seth falls forward).

    There not that similar outside of being from the DDT family of moves. Cameron's DDT looks more like Dean's than Seth's does.
  17. That pretty much is the similarity.

    So he hooks one arm instead of two and falls forward rather than backwards, but his opponent is still being hit with the same move regardless. It's not 100% the same (which is why I typed "almost practically the same thing", because if you honestly blink when Seth hits it, you'd almost think you just witnessed him doing the same exact finisher that Ambrose does), but it's still too similar for my tastes.

    I'd rather they just give Rollins the super-kick or something as a finisher. In fact, maybe they could have him use the turnbuckle powerbomb and the superkick back-to-back as one finisher - he powerbombs you in the corner first and then immediately follows it up with a running superkick. It'd make a great finishing combination.
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  18. No offence, but that seems like a bit of a straw argument. Because the moves aren't similar at all apart from being from the DDT family of moves.

    So because one person uses a DDT as a finisher, other people can't use a DDT as a finisher? Had this been Bo and Dean we were talking about I'd be right with you since they use the same move only Dean adds a bit of snap to his. But Seth's and Dean's are too different. Different set up, different variation of the DDT to begin with and different execution.
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