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    Where?: First Niagara Center, Buffalo, New York
    When?: Sunday, October 6th.
    Estimated Attendance?: 11,000 (Based of previous PPVs at the arena)
    Where To Watch?: Live on Pay Per View (Contact provider for details)
    Match Card:
    Daniel Bryan Vs Randy Orton for the Vacant WWE Championship
    Alberto Del Rio (C) Vs Rob Van Dam, Hardcore match for the WHC
    Grudge Match: CM Punk Vs Ryback
    AJ Lee (C) Vs Brie Bella for the Divas Championship
    Rhodes Family Vs Shield (C) For The Tag Team Titles, If Rhodes Family win they are reinstated into WWE
    Bray Wyatt Vs Kofi Kingston
    Curtis Axel (C) Vs R-Truth For The I-C Championship
    Not So Great Khali and Santino Vs Real Americans

    Free Kickoff Match Live On Youtube: Damien Sandow Vs Dolph Ziggler
  2. So does this mean the Shield will be dropping the titles?
  3. Yep I guess
  4. Non-title match broski.
    Ambrose doesn't even have a match at all I believe which is fucking idiotic.
  5. It makes no sense why Ziggler is facing Sandow instead of Ambrose
  6. It's fucking stupid,he's the US champion for Christ sakes. At least he isn't on the kick off. Maybe he'll have a match that wasn't scheduled and squash some random jobber.
  7. The US Champion doesn't need to be on every PPV but when they build up a feud for him its stupid.

  8. Rhodes Family Vs Shield (C) For The Tag Team Titles, If Rhodes Family win they are reinstated into WWE
  9. It's a non-title match, that's wrong
  10. [​IMG]

    Match of the night.
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  11. Fully expecting Ziggler and Sandow to do the german-suplex spot from NOC last year so they both can job to each other
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  12. Yo bitch, what up here in WWE section? :dawg::obama:
  13. RVD Vs Del Rio was a good match at NOC, Hope this one will be the same
  14. I see one of my WWE favs in Damien Sandow is on pre-show :george:
  15. Hey Test, your existence in this thread calls up a pretty good point. :dawg:

    Shows like this is why TNA went down to 4 shows a year. When you look at the build/card for this, it's a damned insult they're charging 50 bucks for this. People are ranting and raving about it and nobody expects a single buy outside from the "habitual buyers", and I can't blame them. But if they stuck this on Raw people would be really hyped. Maybe WWE should rip off TNA again and replace these shows with special Raws, but that's money out of Vince's pockets so :haha:
  16. RVD Better win.....but I Doubt it.....
    Bryan will win the belt before The End of the year....But not tonight, I expect a Brawl before the end of the show or the Big Show to turn.
    Punk vs Ryback....Ryback's Going to win, They'll make him strong from this which'll allow both men to come out of this with something good...
    Nice to see Goldust back and to be partnered with Brother, Cody, Nice. Rhodes Family to win from DQ.
    Disappointed to see the pre-show....Sandow vs Ziggler....I'm not much of a Fan of Ziggler but Both men deserved a rivalry + match on this card....Hopefully, Sandow will win that WHC soon...(If he can still cash in, Haven't been watching lately)
  17. Looking through the card, the only match that I'm interested in is the pre-show match.

    Fuck, I remember when I was actively watching WWE in 2008, and lets say Cyber Sunday PPV that year, I was pumped for nearly every match on the card. Good times. :emoji_slight_smile:
  18. Weren't The Shield supposed to be defending their titles against The Uso's?
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