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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Chaz, Aug 29, 2013.

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  1. So it looks like this will be the official poster for Battleground. It looks really simple imo but it could mean something big coming for Ryback.


    Source is WrestlingINC btw.
  2. Shit
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  3. Well Kofi is on the NoC poster holding the IC title so I don't think they mean much really.
  4. 98% of the time, they just throw random guys on the posters. They don't mean anything. Ryback was on the TLC 2012 poster and his only role was losing to The Shield in their first match (his original role was gonna be losing to CM Punk in a TLC match) and there are endless other examples of this. Although there are rumors of Ryback being in line for a big push soon, but that doesn't automatically indicate that him being on the poster means anything.
  5. Would be cool to see Ohno debut against Ryback. Like one day Ryback meets Ohno and Ohno confrots him whe Ryback tries to bull him.
  6. Btw, is this a competition between TNA and WWE to see who has the worst poster?
  7. Inb4 Ryback's on the pre show
  8. Unless he's facing The Miz, may wanna edit that to kick-off. The Miz is the whole f'n pre-show
  9. :upset:It's in Buffalo and it kills me that I can't go.
  10. I hate it when they just put wrestlers on the poster and they most likely won't even be relevant to the show at all. Better than the TNA poster though, and that is saying something when I think a red poster with Ryback and a WWE logo on it is better than that other one.

  11. If so, TNA might actually beat WWE at something.
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  12. They're head start is so big not even Cena can catch up.
  13. Ryback was on last years TLC poster and was in a six man tag. So I don't think he'll be doing anything huge.
  14. Probably, but TNA's Slammiversary poster was way better than this one... I personally dislike it.

    Off-Topic: Chaz, I love your avatar and signature. I loved Raul's return to Madrid.
  15. Pretty crap poster imo. Ah well its only a poster.
  16. That match was awesome and a possible match of the year. Pretty big.

    Ryback :facepalm1:
  17. Sheamus was on the X-Rules poster and he didn't do shit, so no I don't think anything big is coming for Ryback
  18. Except from the ruding of the old man, Paul Heyman.
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  19. Once again, AJ LEE is not on the PPV poster. Unbelievable. >_<
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