WWE begins Scooby Doo voice-overs

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  1. Oh joy, they started the Scooby Doo voice-overs last week from what I understand. Yay and such.


    Full LA Times interview -- kind of cute, actually
  2. I hope this will be an awesome movie :yay:

    but 2014? :emoji_slight_frown:
  3. For some reason I think it's cool he said "laugh out loud: as oppose to "lol". And when he told her that he was the type of person to get booed and she said no, that was cute :yay: Interesting movie though, Scooby Doo always had interesting crossovers, still remember the Adam's Family, and Batman crossovers back in the day. Hope this will be just as good.
  4. Laugh out loud funny, well this should be a blast.
  5. I love Miz.
  6. Exactly. It seems like this is the first time I've seen a timeline mentioned for the release. It could be a cute movie, but it still being approximately two years' away kind of sucks. I'm almost surprised they announced it so early unless they plan to really hype it up before the release.


    She also did an interview with Ziggler. :emoji_slight_smile: I need to go back and read the first part of Miz's. I thought the interview perspective with an 11-year-old reporter was just cute.
  7. No you love Sheamus
  8. Miz! :emoji_slight_smile:)

    I'm really excited with this movie!
  9. Fuck it I'm exciting for Miz and Scooby, hopefully Ryback is in it for a scooby snack.
  10. :ryback: NO VELMA!!! FEED ME MORE!!!!!!
  11. they probably will hype it up a lot.. they dont want it to end up like knuckle head.. that only made like $60 in the cinema.. yeah thats right... 60 dollars -.-
  12. If Booker T is in, it will be the scooby doo movie ever. :mog:
  13. Scooby Doo is awesome dawg :dawg:
  14. Apparently this is released in 2014. Why so long for a animated film?
  15. I actually think this is going to sound interesting.
  16. I'm sure it will sounds & look amazing.
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