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Discussion in 'WWE 2K18' started by TheWUKMaster, Jun 23, 2016.

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  1. Rules

    You all start of with $100 million

    I will shout out a wrestler

    You have to be the highest bidder to win

    For example

    John cena
    1 2 3
    $135001 is he highest bid
  2. @Solidus #helpfulmaster
  3. this was ment to be the draft but dont worry it easiser to understand
  4. ok first one is

    michael cole we start the bidding at $10,000
  5. 100,000,000 You're welcome
  6. reagmaster you win but now your broke
  7. It's fine as long as I get my Brother :cole:
  8. well thanks i RICHHHHHHHHHH
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