WWE Network Special WWE Blood Money 2: Electric Boogaloo 2018 DISCUSSION THREAD

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solid Snake, Oct 30, 2018.

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    [​IMG] WHEN
    Blood Money 2 starts at 12 PM Eastern Time on the WWE Network
    w/ an 11 AM kickoff show getting the F E S T I V I T I E S started.

    [​IMG] WHERE
    King Saud University Stadium in Sweet Saudi

    See full match details on WWE.com

    *Live Discussion may or may not happen


    Latest News:
    • John Cena WILL NOT be attending
    • Rene Young will be on commentary
    • Daniel Bryan's absence has not yet been verified
    • Daniel Bryan will not be attending the event

    Blame @Beavie for the title and logo...
    And blame Reag. Mostly blame Reag. It was all Reag's idea.
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  2. I guess I have a different sense of humor. I just disagree because blood money ain't nothing new to Vince. Also I kill cats in Fallout 4 lmao. Also cat toys tmi bro, tmi
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  3. It was just a take on what Beavie called it, nothing more. I'm not watching this crap. I just wanted to make memes for fun.
  4. Sorry dude, I think I was upset that everyone throws shade at Vinnie Mac. But no one talks about his other dirty deals
  5. He is a dirty old man for plenty of reasons. I don't think anyone on this forum denies that :ohyeah:
  6. No interest.

    Then I saw all the controversy.

    Still no interest.

    Hey that frees up time to watch evolution

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  7. At least Rene gets to be a part of it... to what extent, who knows. I didn't plan on watching it either way so I am right there with ya. :win:
  8. Honestly...after Evolution...the rest of the main roster has nothing to offer me...
    well...not until Seth Rollins has the Universal title & A.J Styles finds his next
    "concrete" opponent.

    Can we give the women their own weekly show so I can just watch that?
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  9. Honestly the controversy makes it hard to watch it's like seeing a young up and cpmer fight the Invader 1. But I want to see because I'm sure Angle will face Rollins. And I want to see the retirement home fight just for laughs. Oh and hopefully Strowman finally wins the Championship
  10. So...I just looked at the card...and...yeah...
    its not very impressive.

    Its a King of the Ring tournament, two "World" title matches,
    a tag title match, and four pensioners stumbling around looking
    for their lost keys.

    Nakamura & Balor can't even make this card either...

    Just release them WWE...they would be better off anywhere else
    than working for you.

    I know I joked earlier in the thread...but this is a total SKIP!!! for me...
    even if it wasn't being held in Saudi Arabia.
  11. I agree about Nakamura. I'll never forget that house show in Ocala. Small crowd and Nakamura got a deafening reaction
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  12. You speak the truth.

    Although from the looks of things, I'll be the only one on here watching this thing, at least live. It's Super Showdown all over again :emoji_cry: So if Reag happens to come join the LD, I might blame him slightly less. Just this once
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  13. I was in the chat for the last one.
  14. Which one? I dont remember you being on the Evolution one, and we didnt even do one for Super Show-Down lol
  15. The last one in Sweet Saudi
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  16. Much like another person shared below me in the "What will make you start watching?" thread, it's really the meaningless matches that are hurting WWE right now.
    Hello, World Cup.
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  17. They have too many wrestlers that they try to cram into an already drawn out 3 hour show on Raw every week. It leaves little to no room for proper story development. That is why the women continue to get shafted. AND NO WWE I AM NOT REQUESTING THAT RAW BE MADE 4 HOURS! They need to rotate their workers, give some of them time off or have them only working house shows to allow stories to really develop. SmackDown is not in any better shape, they just are more appealing because it is a shorter show. Less is more but you can't tell big ol' Vinnie Boy that.
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