WWE Booking Cena to Work SmackDown Again

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Nov 15, 2012.

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  2. I'd rather they made that Ryback's feeding ground, Cena and Punk on Raw whilst he's on SD. It would stop them overworking John also.
  3. Doubt Ryback has that drawing factor yet.
  4. That's why he should be on SD to build him into that IMO, don't see the point in overworking Cena with another show tbh.
  5. It just shows how thin the roster is in terms of successful talent. I'm not even sure you can make someone a draw now if you just have them on SmackDown, that show is dissolving into the abyss.
  6. They need to build Ryback on RAW a bit and then move him on to Smackdowns live shows when he is a proven draw.
  7. Were they not getting pretty awesome crowds and TV viewers whilst D-Bry was champ? Why not try that again?
  8. Simply paying attention to it will do that, Raw gets all the focus from the E so gets all the focus from the fans.
  9. What's the point then? You have someone established on number 1 then shift them to what will always be the 2nd brand? Brock, Cena and JBL were all built on SD so why can't they do it again?
  10. SmackDown needs a complete revamp and needs to be separated from RAW again. I'm not saying it's impossible to create a star on SmackDown in general -- because it's not -- but at the moment with the current product and how SmackDown is I would say it is incredibly hard and borderline impossible.

    The reason Cena is on SmackDown now again is due to low attendances. The logical solution would be to improve SmackDown; not just shove Cena there to get sales.
  11. Sure, instead of building new stars just overwork Cena. One day he's going to be severely injured and they're screwed.
  12. Agree with last two posts.

    So here's my question.... is he going to be on the recordings as far as what they show on TV, or just there for a dark match or something for the attending audience?
  13. Just Dark Matches to raise attendance numbers.
  14. Good deal. Still stupid logic by WWE that they think that'll work long-term, but as long as I don't have to see him when I do watch SD I'm alright with that.
  15. I don't think they believe it'll solve the problem in the long run, they just don't care about the long run.
  16. True enough. A sad but valid point. It seems like they aren't even considering anything long term, just quick fixes and simple things disguised as solutions. Le sigh. That would explain more of what's wrong with the product and WWE at large.
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