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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Vag58, Jun 30, 2014.

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  1. I've been watching the WWE for ever and I have to say, it has just become sooooo predictable, the PPV last night- was anybody surprised that Rollins and Cena won?

    I'm done with it and so are my kids, I could write better stuff in my sleep.
  2. I'll forward this to Mr. Levesque then
  3. Tbf it's been pretty predictable for years.
  4. yea nobody is digging the current product. The in ring product is fine but you can't just trot out two solid workers for a good match without giving someone a reason to care first. this is where the E fails much more often than not
  5. Good point, I'll stop watching it now.
  6. wrestling has always been predictable. Most scripted media are predictable
  7. Must we have comments like this? plenty of inferior wrestling forums to post on if this is your only addition to the topic at hand.
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  8. Predictability is a very very small portion of the issue here.
  9. For me it's not even an issue. Predictable does not equal bad.

    Hell, this isn't even bad. I enjoy it. But apparently I'm odd because I enjoy wrestling in general.
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  10. :okay:
    In my opinion it doesn't matter if it's predictable as long as it is entertaining, Sure we knew Cena was going to win and most of us don't like it but the match was still entertaining as hell.
    What, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan would hold every single championship?
  11. I caught the last 25-30 minutes of the main event last night because I was that bored, and it was awful. Seriously dreadful. I've never seen so much back and forth in one match: climb the ladder, get pulled down, finisher, repeat. Terrible.
  12. I enjoyed last night's ppv from beginning to end. Action was good. Stories were told, characters put over. Don't need to ask for more from simple wrestling.
  13. you are too easily amused
  14. Respectfully disagree. If I was that Family Guy would be funny

    I honestly think I am just approaching it in a different way.
  15. how's that? without any expectation?

    I sometimes think I just hate wrestling but then I can put on a random PPV from 10-15 years ago and be entertained so idk. every character outside of 2-3 is the same.

    I suppose I watch for character and storyline more so than wrestling. from an in ring perspective the product is fine. they just suck at giving us a reason to care about the matches
  16. I watch everything match to match, approaching it all individually. Then I look at the match told in ring and judge by that. Every wrestler worth his salt tells a story in the ring. RVD vs Rollins from this week's RAW being a prime example with the "grizzled" vet trying to teach the arrogant upstart a lesson. Then I add characters and outside of the ring onto that as icing on the cake. There could definitely be more characters in todays WWE. But whenever we get them they get shit on so it's a double edged sword.

    I guess it's watching independents and Japan that's "ruined" me.
  17. You are starting from the match and working backward then. for me I need to give a damn about character or storyline before I'm going to be able to b invested into a match.
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  18. It is boring to me. Perhaps maybe when the rookies really start to take charge, it'll be a bit better.
  19. After just finishing watching RAW I just have to say if they keep on delivering shows like that every Monday night then I'll be much less bored with the WWE.

    Predictability is actually part of the problem for me... the matches should never seem like you are watching the same thing over and over again.. but WWE has a formula and that formula is part of what makes matches predictable. The face or heel start by dominating the match.. their opponent makes a false comeback and is eventually countered in some way and then comes the rally and then the finishing move and 1.. 2.. 3.. match over. I have seen very few wrestlers in WWE who have not followed that formula in every single match.. the exception being the very big main events or specialty matches.. and that gets boring to watch. We need a little shakeup!

    and as D'Z mentioned.. actually caring about the performers and why they are fighting is extremely important.. a good feud can sometimes allow people to overlook a bad match (1 bad match).. because we are interested in seeing what happens next.

    My 2 cents.
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  20. They never do.
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