News WWE Brand Split News, Rumors, and Other Tidbits Thread

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by WarMachine, May 27, 2016.

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  1. Here are some more details coming. And to say the least, these are the things I was expecting to be reported.

    Internal competition is good. It keeps people being productive. Most individual stores within a franchise are measured against each other even though they are part of the same company. You want your people to always strive to be the best. For a long time, WWE had no competition, internal or external. Doing this, and creating your own competition, should push each brand to outdo the other.
    If Vince really wants to create an internal war, he should add incentives to each brand. Rating increases, merch sales, other measurables for each brand to push these guys to try and outperform each other. Competition is healthy. It makes people be more creative and work harder.
    The Monday Night Wars were real and gave us some of the best wrestling in history. That's gone. The original brand split was a good idea, but ultimately they screwed it up by having too much integration and SmackDown still being a taped show.
    Now things are totally different. 2 live shows so you aren't just reading spoilers is a huge difference and I think people are overshadowing just how important that is to this. If WWE has learned just a little bit from the past on this idea(and they are investing a lot into it) this could be an amazing step forward. Those who are against the idea of manufactured competition really make me wonder if they want the product to get better, or just really want to have something to complain about. For years I've read that 'things are stale', and 'WWE has gotten lazy'. They're taking a chance. A pretty good risk financially. They're mixing things up. Making a bold change like this is great for the fans, hell, even if it only works for a year. That's a year of better product. Enjoy it. least allow yourself to try to.
  2. I hope Mauro doesn't get molested backstage and becomes a shell of his former self. He shows excitement now but nothing will bring that to a screeching halt quite like Vince screaming in your ear.

    If they do a soft brand split, go fuck yourself. Nothing will change long term if that's the case. I see no reason why they can't make the IC title the main for Smackdown and bring in the vanilla midget championship, do another tournament and you have a good cruiserweight divison. Raw should keep the women's title imo.
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  3. Manufactured competition doesn't always work tho.

    Organic, actual competition does on the other hand. Vince needs to create a work environment that breeds friendly competition. Not try to manufacture it
  4. Honestly at this point, they should have a 2nd womens title for the better part of a year, before moving them to one. NXT womens champ, WWE womens champion, and somehow a 3rd would make the most sense, considering how many talented females they have, and also negating a tag team option. I'd love to see a promo from charlotte about "that other womens champion" scoffing at the fact she has to share her greatness with someone else (becky for sure) while also having to acknowledge the NXT brand. Any opportunity to have to acknowledge NXT is great in my book.

    I think this is a great IDEA on WWE's part, but how they execute it will be another thing. I like the idea of Shane O Mac running Smackdown as we all know Trips and Steph will run RAW, but it makes Smackdown for the first time in the 4 fucking year's i've watched that dogshit seem like it matters.

    Honestly, have we ever seen ONE SINGLE Smackdown show matter in the scheme of things? One whole show. Go home shows mean shit, Smackdown after WM is full of DQ's and tag matches no one cares about...etc

    The way I look at this (being from the midwest too) is that I can actually go see a Smackdown taping in Minneapolis and possibly see great matches, and not just a 10 minute promo from Paul Heyman with Bork Laser standing next to him making funny faces. I'm jacked.

    *I'm not going to green bay or milwaukee...unless there is a brewers day game twice in a row - which never happens.
  5. Interestingly enough, some parts of this newsletter are quite similar to my thoughts I posted a little while ago in the "Smackdown goes live" thread and well, it's commense really.

    Nonenthless, I will once more express my disagreement regarding a second champion. I made my point in the other aformentioned thread so need to repeat myself, the gist of it being that at the end of the day, even we are talking about to seperate shows, it's still ONE company so there should be ONE WWE Heavyweight champion, thus ONE big prize up for grabs, otherwise both would be devalued. For the time being at least, same goes with the Womens Champion and the Tag Team Champions.

    Other then that, uh, Vince's opinion about Mauro is not the best??? Is this some kind of joke?????

    P.S.: If, say, there was a poll, I'd definetely vote for the soft split....
  6. Vince: "What the hell is this guy doing?! He's just talking about the match going on in the ring! Doesn't he know what announcers are for?!"

    So Cena or even crappier Cena. Goody. Heaven forbid they use this opportunity to push talent the fans clearly want to see (Styles, Cesaro, Owens, etc.).

    This is stupid. Have the IC and US titles represent the best of their respective shows while the WHC is THE champion of the company. I was so happy when they finally unified the belts, too.
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  7. I liked everything you said except for the IC title reigning supreme on smackdown while Roman holds the WWE WHC on Raw. It would not only make smackdown look like a fucking joke, but it's belitting. If they're doing the full fledge brand split, they need cena to have the world heavyweight championship to show credibility and true brand split.
  8. Not sure if it's been posted already, but the word on the street is RAW and SD will have their own referee crews when the brand split kicks in on Tuesday, July 19th.
  9. It'd be so much better if Raw was reduced to 2 hours also, it's the perfect length as SmackDown will surely prove. Cut the Backlund/Goldust/other crappy segments and there's plenty of time.
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  10. So like I've been shut off from the world for like five days ( typing this via phone) missed RAW and this is announced...

    I'm all in for a full on Ruthless aggression like brand split. It will be very interesting to see how this works out being currently there is only one world champion and one set of tag titles. Maybe the Champions, with exception of the midcard champs, will work both shows. Bringing in new belts IMO would be wasteful, I'd rather see this split work around five belts. My biggest question though is does this mean the IC belt will be a main event belt on Smackdown going forward?

    One suggestion/wish I have is that Smackdown becomes the main roster bridge for NXT.
  11. That would be great. Unfortunately, according to interviews, the USA Network insists on keeping the show at 3 hours.
  12. Don't dare try to cut Goldust's segments, only reason I get to see my boys pick up some wins. FaBreeze for life.
  13. I hope the draft is done more like in contemporary sports these days. With Shane and Steph making and trading picks to put together their rosters.
    Rather than back in the old day when they had a tombola drum or similar pick who went where.
  14. Are you saying the IC title cannot be elevated?

    Pro tip: Vince treated the WHC as a joke 90% of the time back then, let the old WHC stay dead because there already is a world heavyweight title strapped to Roman Reigns. Either elevate the Intercontinental belt (Which is easy to do), or bring out a brand new belt for Smackdown. Let the old WCW remnant finally sleep
  15. Not enough excitement lad. Gotta start it out with Roman being drafted to Smackdown, then end with him being drafted back to Raw.
  16. Which could be done so much better with a contemporary sports draft system. Shane drafts Roman to Smackdown round one. Then Steph has to make a deal to be able to draft Roman to RAW and so forth.

    Could be used to raise people's stock as well depending on order of drafts as well. Like say Owens being drafted second to Smackdown.By default presented as important since the GM went in early to secure him
  17. It can be elevated. Hell, you can elevate anything you choose and try to make it work. However, if you take a mid card belt (which it has been since its birth, btw), it won't sit as we'll with everyone, or at least not as well as having a world heavyweight champion. It sounds bigger and makes more sense considering it has always been a the second biggest title next to the WWE title.

    Pro tip: I'm well aware of the state of the world title. Despite what you said, it was still always bigger than any mid card belt, even though Vince did belittle it at times. I also really feel it'll be different this time around. Vince seems to be more flexible with creative control as well. Not the same situation. 2 brands. 2 world titles. Makes sense.

    I'd rather them bring out a new "world title" for smackdown if anything.
  18. They already have a world heavyweight champion. His name is Roman Reigns. They should not try and have two world champions. Either the IC title steps up or they bring in something new.

    As for fans not accepting the IC title being brought up, it is one of the most beloved titles in WWE history. I don't think there would be any type of commotion, should WWE decide to elevate it.
  19. I love that the brand split is coming back and I'm bummed that the draft isn't a Network Special since it's going to be on Raw... bummer.

    I do have some concerns. Let's say the rumor of Cena being the face of Smackdown is true. If ratings on Raw start to go down cause of football or what not, Vince will most likely rush to find a way to get Cena on Raw, most likely a fall feud for the World Title if we are sticking with one world title. Also, a part of me jokingly thinks Vince would sabotage Smackdown if it starts getting better ratings with it probably having KO/Cesaro/Cena and it being easier to watch with it being a 2 hour show. That aside.

    Could this pin WWE against a wall if they go through another set of injuries like last year?

    I would be fine with one World title, one set of tag titles, one Women's championship. Even tho, in my eyes, I think they have more than enough talent to juggle two of each. Scrubbing the others aside, the big argument is: Should they have two world titles? My opinion, I think yes. Cause once the brands are split down the middle. This could be another thing to have the creative teams butting heads to see who can book their world title scene better. This also gives opportunities to Orton/Cena, who most people don't want to see in the world title scene, and also RuRu/Cesaro/Ziggles/etc to become world champ and have main event angles in a world where Ambrose/Reigns/Rollins/Wyatt are going to be in lengthy feuds for the WWE title. This, is also the opportunity for the likes of Breeze/Dango/Ryder to get more angles and chances with the midcard titles while now midcard guys are pushed up to the world title scene.

    We could be fine with just one world title but yeah. BTW, I think the IC title is pretty valued right now but I will never see a day where they pretend it's a world title during a brand split. Will always be delegated to being a midcard title no matter what you say. It'd just be the World title feud would get time on both shows.

    I was just looking at the rosters and even having two Women championships and two tag champs could be beneficial. Their roster of talent is so big that they have around 11/12 tag teams atm. Women's roster is huge but I think most are out on injuries.

    Reminder: I'm stupid and I have fond memories on what some people call the worst era of WWE where it was Cena vs. everybody for the WWE title and Batista/Edge/Taker for the World title. I feel bad for whoever read this cause I'm an incoherent mess who just wanted to say something in this thread.
  20. Only thing I really disagree on is two women's champions. The womens roster is not deep enough to handle two titles.
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