WWE Brawlin Buddies

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by gzilla46, Sep 15, 2012.

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  1. Have you guys heard? They made toys of the WWE. It's WWE Brawlin Buddies. They're plush figures (I think) that you can beat up and they talk.

    I saw a commercial for it recently. What do you think?
  2. Considering how they have been force fed to us on TV. Yes we have heard of them. Not that interested. If I wanted to beat people up I would hit up a dojo.
  3. Is that meant to be Orton?
  4. Do they have a Punk / Bryan one out?
  5. I don't think so just Ryder, Cena, Sheamus, Rey, Orton and a couple more I believe.
  6. Might get a Sheamus one just to pin it INB4TheFellaKicksOutAt1. Ryder could be cool in an odd way, I wonder if it comes with a Coors light or what ever that hideous American beer is.
  7. I think he drinks Bud Light lime or some crap. :lol1: & behave you won't be able to win against Sheamus... not clean anyway.
  8. Not interested, really.
  9. Your not? :cry:
  10. I already have pillows to beat up/job to for free. :haha:
  11. Haha, I suppose you're correct, but I would gladly pay to kick a Cena toy around the house :obama:
  12. I guess that'd be nice. Not that I'd be able to buy these or anything, at least not without the glorious international fares/taxes.
  13. Ah yeah, I forgot you live in South America. Stupid rules.
  14. Damn taxes, going to those corrupt politicians' pockets. :downer:
  15. Start a rebellion brother.
  16. Meh, waaay too many people without enough information to understand how much politics suck here. Most people are poor and are happy because current government gives them 200 reais (100 dollars maybe?) a month to live or something, plus they're too busy watching soccer and stuff, most people with enough money to have a nice life don't care and few people with information and who know how things are politically speaking are not enough I think. Well, I've given up on politics already anyway.
  17. Ah Soccer makes any pain go away, sounds complicated your government :true:
  18. :annoyed:

    But yeah, the government is complicated.
  19. I can't believe you don't like soccer, take your pain out on your brawlin' buddy (your pillow) :lol1:
  20. It's not that I don't like soccer. I don't care about sports, so if people are playing something there while I'm here and we have no contact, fine. But living here, it's soccer all the time, on TV, Internet, on the street, every single damn person you talk to watches soccer and it's a common subject to talk about when people don't know each other, on the class room, all time every day it's soccer, soccer, soccer, and it never ends. So, I'm sick of soccer because I'm extremeeely overexposed to it when I don't give a damn about it, causing me to despise it greatly. Then I come to a wrestling forum and people like soccer too :upset:

    Btw, beating up my pillow now :haha:
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