WWE Breaking The 4th Wall

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  1. WWE has gotten more 'edgier' as of late for example; anything that comes out of
    the mouth of CM PUNK, The new 'Kayfabe' T-shirts and WWE tolerance of superstars
    being allowed to say the word 'SHIT' and 'BITCH'...What do you guys think about this and Who do you will lead this new era
  2. It had to happen tbh, the internet has killed kayfabe so why fight it? The cursing doesn't really bother me either tbh, a good promo man can work with or without them. The leader should be Punk.
  3. I don't think they should promote breaking the 4th wall, wrestling is built on good vs evil, however, I don't think they should desperately fight it either. They seem scared to bring gimmicks back into wrestling, but why? Taker and Kane come out with gimmicks and nothing negative has happened because of that.

    We need more gimmicks, keep the top main-eventers semi-shooting if they want, just build a strong undercard without that.
  4. I don't mind the cursing, but I think the WWE can be edgier without breaking keyfabe every single week (yes, CM Punk). It's getting annoying that Punk can't cut a good promo without breaking keyfabe, these days.
  5. You can still be edgy without breaking kayfabe, completely agree. This Monday sort of proved that.
  6. U CAN be edgy without breaking keyfabe, but why shouldnt u be allowed to break keyfabes? Because some british retard's favourite wrestler was made to look like a fool when punk broke keyfabe about his band?
    Breaking keyfabe increases the shock value, while sticking to keyfabe can get boring at times, so wrestlers who have the mic skills like punk and cena should be allowed to break it when necessery.
    Rock, austin all broke keyfabes during their time, never was a big a issue.
  7. who said shit on tv?
  8. Keyfabes.

    Jesus Christ JeebaK.
  9. If a Wrestler breaks the fourth wall ever week (CM Punk), then wouldn't the shock value decrease? I can't really put my finger on a time where they broke very intense kayfabe, both Rock and Austin stuck to the whole corporate slut and idiotic brother shtick. If both Cena and Punk had the best mic skills ever, they wouldn't need to break kayfabe to captivate the audience, right? :lebron:
  10. Who said shit?
    I know Rock said 'Mother fucking bitch' whilst the camera was on him at the end of his promo on Monday, before he posed on the ropes.
  11. It shouldn't be broken every week I agree, however Rock and Austin had proper hardcore wrestling fans to entertain, when internet didn't have such a big impact. It doesn't mean Punk or Cena have lesser mic skills because they have broken Kayfabe, even Rock is breaking kayfabe since his return.
  12. Calling him Dwayne instead of Rock is just killing the kayfabe.
  13. But Rock calling himself the good guy babyface isn't?
  14. Yeah, I know lol.
    Just throwing it out there.
  15. Fuck you WWE for doing this, honestly. Great way to fuck up kids, who are already confused.
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