WWE bringing NXT to TV

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Star Lord, Apr 29, 2013.

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  1. This doesnt really affect me as its on my TV because im in the UK but it would be awesome to let the US guys watch it on TV.

  2. Good. More people need to watch this show. The more people who praise it, the more likely WWE will actually learn from it.
  3. Moving to the Smackdown and NXT section.

    Good move to get it on TV though. It is a great show and more Americans need to see it.
  4. Whoops sorry
  5. Hopefully this doesn't effect the way NXT is being booked. The developmental booking team is doing great with the NXT product.
  6. God yes. I hope so, but wonder how well it will rate. After all Superstars was cancelled, WWECW was on it's way... how will the casuals respond to NXT?

    Would prefer it if they bring it on the road. Must be odd for someone like Summer Rae to go from that little sound stage to being in front of full arenas.
  7. Finally, I can see NXT! Fucking HuluPlus says I have to pay to watch t. Fuck that. Adam, do you know what channel? Like USA, SyFy?
  8. Do you happen to know who books NXT? Is it the same writers as the TV shows, or are they completely different? I know HHH is the lead, but he doesn't do it all himself.
  9. You can always use watchwrestling.net for now, until it airs in the US.
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  10. On the road costs more. Especially shipping out the NXT guys to whatever arena WWE is in that week to shoot it, then send them back to Florida. It is much cheaper to send whatever WWE guy is needed to NXT once a month.
  11. Dusty Rhodes was main booker for FCW. I guess he still remains in some form of creative control in NXT but I don't know for sure. I also think that the black ring announcer (can't remember his name) who was on commentary also has some sort of role in it backstage.
  12. This is great. It doesnt really matter for me, but more people watching the best product on the WWE atm will have some sort of impact on RAW and SD!
  13. To clear my previous statement. The NXT booking team is completely different to the TV show one. Dusty Rhodes is involved but I don't know if he is the head writer anymore, pretty sure he is but I cannot guarantee it.
  14. Well I hope the "main team" are taking notes.
  15. Well that's true. Was thinking it would get them more prepared, but they seem to be bringing people up so slowly anyway (like Big E being a bodyguard to get accustomed to life on the road) so it doesn't really matter
  16. Hope WWE don't fuck NXT up when they start in national TV...
  17. That's really good news. I have Hulu Plus so I could watch it anyway, but I tend to forget about it. Having it air on TV over here would be great, though I hope it has -- and maintains -- high enough ratings to make them decide to leave it on TV in the US.

    It did air previously on TV over here, right? Why did they stop it then?
  18. My thoughts as well. It goes to TV, gets popular, and WWE starts to take more control over it from the one's who have been running it to 'improve it' for a larger audience.

    I almost expect it to happen now. Bad news IMO.
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  19. It was on TV before, but I think it got hardly any viewers, and then was taken off. It got repackaged, and was airing again in other countries, but not the US. I don't think any level of popularity will force WWE to change it, unless it dramatically became the #1 watched WWE show, lmao.
  20. It makes sense to me that it gets on TV and WWE sends a couple of their TV/soap writers to 'help' NXT get ready for TV.
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