WWE Calling Up NXT Stars

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Extraterrestrial, Mar 31, 2013.

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  1. WWE officials are getting ready to call up at least 2 stars from NXT after WrestleMania 29. Regarding the usual round of releases around WrestleMania time, there hasn't been much talk about anyone getting cut this year.
  2. http://www.lordsofpain.net/news/wwe/WWE_Calling_Up_NXT_Stars_After_WrestleMania_WWE_Nominated_for_Shorty_Awards.html
  3. Ohno and Wyatt please.
  4. :notsure:


    Ohno and Kruger... And Paige
  5. I'd rather it was Wyatt and Luke Harper tbh, Ohno can wait.
  6. Ew, not a fan of Harper. Ohno is head and shoulders above everyone in there; he needs to be on the roster asap imo.
  7. inb4 Husky Harris chants
  8. Disagree, Harper is good IMO and if you're calling Bray up the family needs to come with him, a cult preacher without his cult doesn't quite work he could recruit others but why mess with something that works?

    Ohno has been poor aside from this Regal feud IMO, he's lacked motivation on the mic and has been dull in ring. I'm not sure how you could say he's head and shoulders above Neville (even with his horrible accent), Bray, Harper, Kruger and Woods (even though he hasn't been featured too often due to his studies.) plus you have Generico floating around too as well as Corey Graves.

    If he was at a Chris Hero level of motivation then he could have run away with it but he's been calling it in very much IMO.
  9. I presumed you meant Harper to come up and have an individual role. I agree that he should be with Bray, even though I'm not a fan of Harper at all.

    Sure Ohno has had a few lacklustre appearances and seems unmotivated but can you not understand that? If recent work is to go by then his motivation with Regal has been top notch and he's back to being the best. Neville is diabolical on the mic, I do not see what others see in Kruger and Woods isn't anything special like Ohno is.

    WWE needs some talented midcarders that could break into the main event and Ohno and Bray are there best guys for that in NXT imo. Without some sort of cruiserweight division or something equivalent to TNA's X-Division, what would Neville, Generico (who you said would become a comedy character) and Woods really have to offer?
  10. Whilst I can understand it to an extent I can't justify him being called up before other guys, he's can't think he's better than NXT because currently he isn't. Ohno has had no notable matches or promos since he showed up in NXT bar his debut and work with Regal, how does that make him above anyone else? Chris Hero is one of the most talented wrestlers on the planet, more so than Daniel Bryan or CM Punk IMHO when you take them as total packages (he can out wrestle Punk whilst maintaining his psychology and he has more charisma than Bryan and he's not quite as good as Punk on the mic but it's literally 1A and 1B in quality, both are incredible.) however if he doesn't show that regularly how can he be better than the rest of the roster? Part of being great is consistently.

    Neville has had better matches and looks like he cares, Ohno does not I hated Pac for his spot monkeyness but to deny he's a great worker is foolish, if he's not putting the effort in he won't be good enough. Woods is another really good worker who holds decent charisma. I did mention Generico would be a comedy character and still will be but you can't doubt he's a phenomenal wrestler who can outwork most in the comedic babyface style, he's crisp and integrates his character into his work better than most. Generico has shown he'll carry on working like a champ during his match with Hero vs The Wyatt family although it may be too early to fully judge him.

    In summary I can understand why he's acting lacklusture but I can't justify him being called up to the main roster whilst acting that way, putting on superpar matches and promos just because everyone knows he could do better isn't a reason to put him on the main roster, imagine if Bryan did that on NXT or Punk on ECW, would you want them on the main shows? I wouldn't. His current body of work has been poor compared to many guys on NXT, he'd head and shoulders above everyone else on reputation not performance.
  11. Desperate times call for desperate measures. If WWE had a packed roster and actually going from NXT to the main roster meant you needed to put a LOT of effort in then I would agree, but has the midcard ever been as bad as this? Who could whip up more entertaining storylines, Neville or Ohno? I love Neville, I really do, but WWE refuse to produce an environment on the main roster that he would shine in. Why? I have no idea, because they have Kidd, Gabriel, Neville, Kingston, Bryan who can drop in at times, Woods, Generico, and many other talented wrestlers who could work the fast paced cruiserweight style. But, WWE needs some depth and some youth who can break into the main event scene to freshen it up.

    Wyatt no doubt deserves it, but if Ohno's motivated and best work is better than the others then he should be called up. Daniel Bryan was forced to be useless on NXT to be honest, and we all begged for him to be called up regardless because of his reputation. If I saw Ambrose giving 40% in NXT, I would do the same. Anyone who enjoys professional wrestling wants to be entertained, and currently on that roster, Ohno and Wyatt are the two stand out guys. Name two wrestlers in NXT who are more likely to succeed the most in WWE, surely those two names are Wyatt and Ohno. You said yourself that Ohno is arguably more talented than Bryan & Punk -- someone like that simply can not stay in NXT imo.

    Also, who has Ohno actually worked with in NXT?
  12. A motivated Ohno can do better than Neville, the Ohno we've seen currently for 95% of his NXT run can't. Also you rightly so mention there isn't an environment for Neville to flourish in but there isn't for Ohno also, you know as well as I do how the midcard is neglected. Look at Cesaro as an example of that. Neither of them will have a place to flourish as the WWE doesn't hold much interest in the midcard as a whole.

    Daniel Bryan was booked horribly during his NXT run but he still always gave us the best match on the card or a great promo, Ohno hasn't I'm not talking about booking with that point I was being theoretical, saying if Bryan had been as lacklusture as Ohno he shouldn't have been called up either.

    If I saw Ambrose look so disinterested he wouldn't entertain me, I'd rather a lesser talent go out there and show some workrate rather than the guy with all the talent in the world call it in, I love Tanahashi for that exact reason. Also I said when he's motivated he's better than those guys but if he isn't motivated he can stay on NXT for all I care, he'll onl entertain me when he gives a damn.

    Let me ask you a question would you be happy for Ohno to do a Cena? Ignore the gimmicks and focus on performance, if Ohno was called up and delivered 1 great promo every 6 months and a great match every 3 when the rest was barely good. Would that entertain you more than say Neville who could deliver great matches every night and passable promos?

    As for who he's worked with I think it's Regal and Woods mainly during his alignment with Kruger mainly. Possibly Steamboat too.
  13. 2 people? That's perfect. There's only really 2 people who I want called up... Bray's a no-brainer, surely WWE can't screw him up (right, Wade?), and Emma.

    After seeing some of Harper's DGUSA footage I'm a heck of a lot higher on him, it's really a shame. Over there he was this big mobile monster beating down vanilla midgets and having fun doing it, in WWE he's Big Show who doesn't take a shower. Dammit. I don't care if Neville and Grey ever debut. On NXT, they're "the exciting young high-flyer doing stuff nobody ever dreamed of, and the dude teaming with the exciting young high-flyer doing stuff nobody ever dreamed of". On Raw, they call that Kofi Kingston and R-Truth. Ohno's got the potential, just hope they finally iron out his gimmick. Looks like they're on their way of doing that, but he's went from clustermess to guy in trunks. Make it a little more complicated than this! Paige? Summer Rae? Audrey Marie? That other chick? loldivas. The fans will always percieve it as a joke, so you may as well make it funny, hence Emma.
  14. I don't think Paige will be called up before September. I'm pretty sure you have to be 21 to work on the main roster nowadays and Paige doesn't turn 21 until August 17 according to Wikipedia.
  15. I'd call up Wyatt and Ohno (since I believe being called up would motivate the guy).
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