WWE Can Now Book Brock Lesnar As Much As They Want

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by WarMachine, Sep 3, 2014.

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  2. I had a feeling they would do this since Lesnar is currently champion
  3. I'm praying this is true.
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  4. I'll believe it when I see it. Great if it's true though.
  5. It'd make sense if this was just during his title reign, Brock isn't working full time all the time but for a short period (max till Mania) he shows up every event then takes off till Summerslam again. Kinda disappointed if he's on every Raw though keep it to 3/5 max, he needs to feel like a big deal.
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  6. I'd love to know to per appearance rate. :hmm:
  7. I'd estimate a lot wasn't he getting like 5 million per year as he was? I suppose you could take that and divide by his appearances for a very rough estimate.
  8. :damn:
  9. :brock:
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  10. That sounds expensive as fuck.

    I'm not complaining though:jeritroll:
  11. I wonder if Heyman is also paid per appearance.
  12. He's under a full time contract so he has a downside guarantee and a pay per appearance bonus
  13. Hopefully true.
  14. I hope it's worth a fair bit, he creates a great buzz through social media etc. That seems to be a main target for them and all.
  15. I honestly hope that WWE doesn't take this whole thing too far.

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  16. I don't foresee a super long run. I have a feeling that whomever Brock is going to feud with next is going to attack him after a title defence causing Rollins to cash in. Thus keeping Brock booked strong. This allows the authority angle to come to a close and then Brock regains it around RR and is champ during the RTW.
  17. I don't get why people think there's any chance of Lesnar being cashed in on by Rollins. They're not gonna pit two heels like these together. I could only see Rollins doing it if he turned face, which I don't foresee anytime soon.
  18. There is an angle for a Brock face turn tbf, say Trips manipulated the situation to fuck up the guy who beat him way back when, there is always a plan b after all.
  19. He doesn't have to be a face to cash in. Let's say for example (not that I want this to happen) but Brock beats Cena then taker comes out and beats down a weakened Brock. Seth runs in, cashes in, then runs away. Brock then feuds with taker short term and then Refocuses on the title afterward. This way you can have your champion on every show without paying out of your ass. While using Brock sparingly for the time being and on PPVs.
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