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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Dec 15, 2012.

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  1. DAT KID

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  3. SEABS

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  6. FTJ

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  1. Seabs wins!

    Congrats! :otunga:




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    Your WWE Name: Dat Kid
    Heel or Face: Heel
    Promo Cut:
    Why do I deserve to hold the WWE title? :haha: That question must be a joke. What you should be asking is "why would you allow such a trivial trinket to be attached to you?" Simply put, I don't give a rat's ass about the piece of shit. However there is the ridiculous belief that whoever has the belt is the best and quite frankly that's as fictitious as Santa Claus, since we're in the season. Looks like some parents are going to have to explain why they lied to them about Christmas, my bad :pity:
    Anyway, the fact remains that both ideologies are ridiculous. Titles are nothing but irrelevant items that act as fools gold for the people who are dumb enough to chase it. You don't get to be the better than everyone by wearing a belt, you get that honor by kicking everyone else's ass and that's exactly what I'm going to do. When I'm finished I'll be damned if some parasite of a man will parade around with that trinket like he is better than me. I am above that title and I will make sure that no other man will hold it as a symbol of superiority above myself. I reiterate that the question isn't "why do I deserve to hold the WWE title", the real question is "why does the WWE title deserve to be held by me".

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    Heel or Face: HEEL
    Promo Cut:
    "My name is BK Scorpion...
    A lot of you know me already, and the ones who don't I pity them, as everybody should know the best in terms of everything...
    A lot of you may ask me why I think I deserve to be the WWE Champion of this forum, well its only appropriate for the best title to be for the best user, its only appropriate for me to be the WWE Champion as this championship needs someone to elevate its value, someone to put it in the highest of heights...

    Now I won't be kissing anybody's ass in order to get any votes, those who are smart enough will choose their right path, they will choose me to save them and lead them along with the entire forum to new heights that nobody here ever dreamt of reaching...
    And those who don't vote for me I pity them, as they were deluded and affect by my opponents lies and craps to the point that they can't follow my lead, but I won't pig them and I won't kiss their filthy butts...

    I'm the BEST IN THIS FORUM and I've been the best since my very first day in here, I won't compare myself to WWE'S WWE Champions, I won't compare myself to Hulk Hogan , the Rock , Stone Cold...

    I won't even compare my self to CM Punk, as I'm better than all of them in everything you can think of....
    I really feel insulted because I have to compete in this stupid nonsensical competition to win what is already mine, but I will lower myself to your levels in order to save the title from being in the wrong hands....
    I only want the smarts to vote for me, as I'm not honored with any delusional poster to vote for me....
    Vote for the scorpion if you want to be honored with me being your Champion"

    Show Spoiler

    Your WWE Name: Seabs
    Heel or Face: Face
    Promo Cut:
    On this day on the 15th of December 2012 this becomes the single most important championship on the Internet, I'll take on all challengers just to prove to you all that I deserve to be held in the same regard as all the greats that held it before me, from the man who launched a yellow and red mania all the way to the the beer drinking, ass kicking, Jean short wearing rattle snake himself..... Stone Cold Steve Austin. I won't stop until every single red blood cell left in my body has stained that mat, until every single muscle is burned off the bone so we can help ourselves see a new era, an era where all these members have a WWE Champion who they know no matter what the odds will give them a show of a life time, one for all the ages.... Ali and Frazier caught the imagination of the world for one single night now I plan to do that every night, to quote old Blue eyes himself I plan to make it in New York tonight at Maddison Square Garden so then together we can take it all.

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    Your WWE Name: Andy Mack
    Heel or Face: Heel
    Promo Cut:
    Are you all listening to what the rest of these baboons are saying? "Oh I deserve the title!" "If you don't know who I am bla bla bla" Shut up. Nobody gives a shit if you think you deserve that title, nobody cares if you think everyone knows you because when it comes down to it none of that matters. What matters is who's the best in this ring and you can all clearly see who is the best right now but no! I'm not doing a corny "I'm better then all of them!" promo because we all already know that. It's already been established and there is no point to say things that everyone already knows. This title along with all the other titles are useless! They're all freaking dirt! But my mumma always taught me. "If you find something fucked up, fix it and once it's fixed you can sell it or keep it to remind yourself you took something terrible and useless and turned it into something good and useful." (<--Read that in a grandma sorta voice.) I intend to do that with all of these belts and make them actually worth something so people who may hold it in the future and trust me when I say I don't think anyone will hold it in the future other then this...amazing! ...sexy! ....smart! Intelligent Beast standing right before you! So I suggest all you boys that are trying for this belt, get out of my way and let the men deal with it because I don't want to be put up for child abuse if I snap your frigging neck for being in my way! AND NOW ANYONE WILLING TO FIGHT GET YOUR STUPID ASS DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW! I'll send you straight back out on a god damned stretcher and the only thing you'll remember after that because of how brutal that beatdown was.......Is ANDYYY MACKKK! [/b]

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    WWE Name: The Cigaro
    Heel or Face: Heel
    Promo Cut:
    *theme begins to play* Cigaro walks down the ramp with trash being thrown at him while he spokes a cigar. Cigaro climbs onto the apron and tosses the cigar butt at a child and gets scared thinking it's hot. He grabs a microphone as he looks at the crowd. The crowd chanting, "YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK! LIKE THE WAY YOU SMOKE YOU SUCK!!" He chuckles softly as he begins to speak, "Ah I get it, because I suck the cigar, ah you f***ing idiots actually thought of something creative! About time, it's hard to think good of any of you ignorant procastinators who do nothing all day but cheer for morons like Hornswoggle, Great Khali, HELL even Randy Orton. :pity1: Now to something ACTUALLY worth my time, the WWE championship. Why should I be the WWE championship? More of the question is why SHOULDN'T I be? You all come here week in and week out to see ME! Admit it, each week you come to see me, hoping my ass will get kicked, but does it ever happen? NO! You know why, because I am talented. I don't plant my ass on seats and stay quiet during a program, and I'm looking at you you faggot." He said pointing to a guy in a pink shirt and the crowd booed heavily. "You're the faggot! You smoke fags! :angry: " A lady from the crowd said to him as the crowd laughed. "You dumb bitch that's a cigarette!" Cigaro said laughing at her as the laughter toned down to boos once more. "You see, I'm even good on the mic. I have the look of a champion, I mean look at this body, and look at this 'fro." He said pointing to his 'fro, "I mean come on, the Jackson 5 had a 'fro, Andre the Giant had a 'fro, hell even Jimi Hendrix had a 'fro! You see I am already the WWE champion, I just want that belt." He said pointing to the WWE championship. "That's what I want, no one will stop me, I'm not the best in the world as CM Punk calls himself, I'm better, I'm not a pussy with holes on my lips :idontcare: I don't need help from the Shield, matter of fact if I ever saw them I'd shove each of their heads up each others ass and make a wheel out of them then put them as my tire and drive cross country. :pity: I'm better then Ryback, I mean come on! I hit hard! I mean yeah your girlfriend said that too, you hit hard for two seconds. :pity1: What exactly can you do? You do s**t. You get chance after chance and still f**k up. And now you Cena, stop being a bitch. If you F***ed AJ say it, I get about four bitches each week, you don't see me complaining. I hide nothing, I am a open man, and this is the kind of champion you need. One who is honest, one who is open, one who is powerful, one who is smart, I am the best! Bring a weapon, bring an iron bar, but in the end, you're just like my cigar." He threw the mic down and pulled a cigar out and smoked it as he left the ring, the screen going black.


    Show Spoiler

    Your WWE Name: FTJ
    Heel or Face: Tweener

    The Promo I made months ago!

    Before I leave and delete all my info off my acount and leave, I have a lot of thing I have to get off my chest!

    I don't hate this Web Site, I don't even dislike it. I do I like it, I like it a hell lot more than I like most forums on the web. What I hate is... this Idea that Crayo is the best and can bully people! Because he's not... I'm the BEST! I'm the BEST IN THE WORLD/I AM THE BEST FORUMER/SHOOT IN THE WORLD! There is one thing... that you're better at than I am... and that is KISSING this SITE'S ASS! You're as good as kissing ass Big Hoss Ramler is! I don't know if you're as good Xanth though, he's a pretty good ASS KISSER! Alway was and still is! Whoops, I'm Breaking the fourth wall!
    I AM THE BEST FORUMER/SHOOT IN THE WORLD! I've been the best ever since DAY 1, when I signed up on this WF Site and have been Villified and Hated since that day! Because, Jeebak saw something in me, that no one else wanted to admit! That's right I am a Jeebak guy! You know who else was a Jeebak guy? No One! And Jeebak split just like I'm splitting but the biggest difference between me and Jeebak leavring is that I am leavring with WWE Champion. I've grabbed so many of Crayo's imaginary Brass Ring, that it's just that. IMAGINARY!
    Dong me and it all that complete ingamely! The only thing that is REAL is me and for almost 4 years now I have posted the best video on Youtube, on this Site, even on Tout! Nobody can touch me! And yet No matter how many time's I prove it... I don't have the Best in the World Award, I am barely promoted, I'm not the main draw. I'm not on any of the crappy Crew job position! I'm not on the front banner of this web site, I'm not a youtube parter or on TV, but fact is I SHOULD BE! And trust me, this isn't sour grapes but the fact that I'm not on Crew after all my accopmplishment and Hoss is Admin MAKE'S ME SICK! Oh hey, let me get something straight right now, those of you who are cheering for me right now.
    YOU are just the biggest part of me leaving as anything else! Because you're the one's that support this shit that I am not on! And at 5am in the morning you're trying to PM me to make a video to pull you while I am at work or have a life because you're all lazy to go get your own web cam! I am leaving this sitenand hey, who know's maybe I'll go to another forum site, maybe I'll go back to http://www.phenomforever.com/! Hey Dan, How you doing? The reason I am leaving this site is because you users. After I'm gone, you're still going to be here. I just a showed on the wheel, the wheels going to keep turning and I understand that. Crayo is a $100 air, he should be a $10, 000 air! You want to know why he's not a 1$0, 000 air? I'll tell you. Because he surrounds himself with glad-handed, non-sensicle, Douchebag Yes men, like Big Hoss Ramlber, who going to tell him everything he wants to hear. And I'd like to think, that this site would become better when Crayo loses ownership of the site, but fact is... he's still going to have it. Let me tell you a personal story about Crayo, What we're going talk about is this Bullying BS *Keyboard Disconnects

    Starts yelling at computer! Pipebomb

    Hear is the original thread hlink ttp://wweforums.net/thread-12327.html

  2. WWE Champion (CAST YOUR VOTE)

    I like Andy Mack;s honestly :idontcare:
  3. WWE Champion (CAST YOUR VOTE)

    Despite being a ripoff I vote for FTJ because it made me laugh
  4. RE: WWE Champion (CAST YOUR VOTE)

    He called you a baboon and you like it :facepalm:

    What a great champion you will be!
  5. WWE Champion (CAST YOUR VOTE)

    Brit why don't just have a poll?
  6. WWE Champion (CAST YOUR VOTE)

    Dat Kid takes it for me.
  7. RE: WWE Champion (CAST YOUR VOTE)

    It would make my life easier... lol

    How do I set one up?
  8. RE: WWE Champion (CAST YOUR VOTE)

    Edit your original OP post >>>> Full Edit >>>> at the bottom you will find an " I want to host a poll option" click on it and choose the number of options you want to have.
  9. RE: WWE Champion (CAST YOUR VOTE)

    :nope: Maybe I like primates
  10. WWE Champion (CAST YOUR VOTE)

    OKAY! Put the poll up. Please use that! :otunga:
  11. RE: WWE Champion (CAST YOUR VOTE)

    It was hard between Dat Kid's and The Cigaro because of his video. :dawg:

    But I vote Dat Kid. It gave me all the feels. :smug:
  12. RE: WWE Champion (CAST YOUR VOTE)

    :angry: :angry:
  13. WWE Champion (CAST YOUR VOTE)

    :downer: :finger: no more promos fuckers
  14. RE: WWE Champion (CAST YOUR VOTE)

    I'd vote for all of you if I could.

    All of you are straight-up awesome. :dawg:
  15. WWE Champion (CAST YOUR VOTE)

    Scorpion 's promo is awesome :pipebomb:
  16. RE: WWE Champion (CAST YOUR VOTE)

    It might just be me or FTJ's promo, but all the promos seem to have a CM Punk-esque feel to them. :hmm:
  17. RE: WWE Champion (CAST YOUR VOTE)

    Obviously you never seen a flair promo :woo1:
  18. WWE Champion (CAST YOUR VOTE)

    The cigaro because he put the most effort into it
  19. WWE Champion (CAST YOUR VOTE)

    Dat Kid, I'mma interview you if you win. Hopefully you have Skype. :mad1:
  20. WWE Champion (CAST YOUR VOTE)

    Ask Xanth, I was crying in Skype while reading Randy's. He gets my vote. Fucking amazing!
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