WWE Championship match spoiler for No Way Out *prepare to rage*

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 29, 2012.

  1. Waste of fucking time. Fuck WWE.
  2. What is honestly the point of adding Kane into this feud? Unless they're gonna do what I think they'll do: Have Bryan win the WWE Title but make Punk look good by having Kane be the one who Bryan pins after both Bryan and Punk (or just Punk) lays him out. My prediction. And what happened to Orton/Kane at the PPV?
  3. im not raging im fucking hype. Kane for WWE champ beeeotch
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  4. The match ups are absolute garbage right now.
  5. If it's not a cage match then I've got no idea how to make sense of this.
  6. no one expects Punk to win but i do the reign will continue
  7. I'm fine with this as long as they save Punk/Bryan for MITB or SummerSlam. Kane's gonna eat the pin.
  8. I can be okay with this if they save a solo feud between Punk and Bryan for MITB and SS. Kane could be used to get them over since he is a legend. Punk has already gone over Jericho but Bryan has only gone over Big Show. Bryan pinning Kane or making him tap could get him more over as a main eventer. I just hope Kane is only there to get the new guys over.
  9. Agreed.

    It'll be a chair match probably.

    If Kane's there to eat the pin then it's okay. But it drops the match quality. I was pumped for another 5 star match. But if it means we'll get one more Punk/Bryan classic at MITB or Summerslam I'll be happy. On the other hand, Kane eating the pin from Bryan to save Punk's credibility (sigh) is equally okay. But I want this feud to continue longer than 2 PPV's tbh, it's not even got started with Kane interrupting it all.
  10. This is an ideal opportunity to put the strap on DBD (pins Kane), while protecting Punk at the same time, which leads us to a rematch, and a possible blow-off.
  11. I hope you're right.
  12. kane will win!!!
  13. :haha: :haha: Told you Crayo why do you guys never belive me?! I was right about Rock winning at WM28 and u all said cena would then u guy all said Brock was not Wrestle at E.Rules and he was waiting until WM29 which was wrong again, then you all said it was going Bryan vs. Punk 1 on 1 again at No Way Out which one again yuo all wrong and I was right! Do yuo guys EVER lesson to someone who ashley what WWE is going to do? I been watch since I 6 and has study I KNOW what WWE going 90% of time!



    NO Punk pins Kane! Or Bryan to vs. Kane and or Bryan at MITB to finsh up the fend or he vs. some else for month before defend again Brock!

  14. OMG! Punk will break Triple H's record of 210 days.
  15. It not the longest! It would just be longer title run then HHH longest title was in 1 title run which is wouth talking about! But the longest was Bruno Sammartino who has 1 title run for 2803 Days which WILL NEVER be broken!

  16. 2 on 1 on Kane, Kane out off the ring for 10 minutes, good match between Bryan and Punk, Kane comes back, get's slapped out of the ring again, good match again for 15 minutes, Kane comes back and Chockeslams both of them, they will get up, double submission Yes lock and Anaconda vise, Kane eliminated, good match for 5 minutes, Bryan locks in the Yes lock, Punk taps, new champ.

    Seems legit.. :boss1:
  17. Ops..my bad.
  18. Should we act surprised? It's been obvious this would be the route they were going down for NWO since before OTL
  19. That has a change of having as of the change of John Cena turning heel!

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