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  1. It is obvious that Randy Orton will win but how? They want to keep Daniel Bryan looking strong but because it is vacant, they can't get disqualified and if it does count, it will end up with Daniel Bryan for the win. However a clean win isn't going to keep Daniel Bryan looking as strong so how do you think it will end?

  2. Big Show. For sure
  3. Whatever it is it won't be worse than the fast count
  4. Like Rhod said, I reckon it'll finally be the trigger to Show's heel turn (again). Or they could just do an ironman match like reported on the dirtsheets and do the draw ending.
  5. I love when Big Show turns heel and when he turns babyface. I love everything Big Show does. He can turn every 6 months for all I care. (He kind of does actually) You don't hear that a lot on the internet, and it needs to be said. I dug him when he was The Giant in WCW, even though looking back he was a big bag of shit wrestling-wise. He was lazy, he didn't take care of himself, and he would usually smoke a cigarette and have a hot dog before his matches. That's a shoot from what I understand.

    I was at Starrcade '98 though when he wrestled DDP in a no DQ match, and it was fun as hell.

    Anyway, he was forced to sink or swim in WWF/E. No one is going to carry your weight, especially your 500 lbs. The dude is incredibly athletic for a man his size. I am always amazed when he takes bumps like superplexes, german suplexes, an AA... any of that. I know that's somewhat basic for other people, but he's not other people. He's in the latter half of his career but he seriously has had some of the best matches I've ever seen him have in the past year or two. His wars with Sheamus and Mark Henry kicked major ass. I still can't believe he went off the top rope with that elbow drop against Mark Henry. Big Show doesn't park like a bitch.

    Aside from the athleticism, Big Show has more acting range than most shitty actors you see on TV. The dude can cry like a beast, and he can do it on command. Shit man, I couldn't cry like that for a wrestling angle. He can do it and he makes it seem real. I'm a 25+ year fan and I end up getting drawn into almost anything he does because of his range of emotion.

    Now that I've gushed over Big Show, let me bring it back to the topic at hand. I felt like he punched Miz in the face without any real fight on Monday. I think officially he is Steph's bitch now, and he is going to be Orton's ace in the hole at Battleground.
  6. Big show, or an Iron Man match and have them drawing and keeping it vacant
  7. They said obviously Randy Orton was winning at Night Of Champions, they were proved wrong. The yes-man is getting his title once again (hope it's more than 24 hours).

  8. As long as Randy Orton wins, that's all i care about... Bryan will get screwed over somehow, Big Show will probably turn full fledged heel and join the "new regime" by knocking Bryan out at Battleground.

    lol you're setting yourself up for a huge disappointment.
  9. I remember when Big Show smoked a cigarette at Great American Bash 1998. He also lit up on Nitro a couple of times. Good stuff.

    Assuming the rumors of it ending in a draw in an Iron Man match aren't true, I'd also say Big Show will cost Bryan the match at Battleground. I don't think it's an official heel turn, though. I think what Big Show did on Raw, by hitting Miz with the Knockout Punch without hesitation and then immediately walking away without looking the least bit bothered by it, was just him accepting the situation he is in right now, which is being HHH/Steph's slave. Kind of a "do the dirty work you're coerced into doing and then move on without getting emotional about it" sort of thing. I still think there will be the moment where Big Show eventually lays out Triple H with the KO Punch in front of Stephanie and what a glorious moment it will be. HHH/Big Show is rumored to happen eventually (probably'll be Survivor Series.)

    I agree with you about Big Show. I've always been kind of off and on with him, but I like him a lot more than most on this forum do. His feuds with Sheamus and Del Rio late last year and early this year were good IMO. His match was Sheamus at HIAC 2012 was one of my favorite of the year. I like him better as a heel, though.
  10. Kevin Nash run in.
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