WWE Championship = Midcard Title

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Rysenberg, Apr 27, 2012.

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  1. I was looking over the last few months of Pay-Per-Views and there was something I noticed.

    Since Night of Champions, only twice has a title match main evented a show.

    Also thinking back to Raws, how many times has CM Punk been in the main event or last segment since he was champion? I can only remember him being once anyway.

    I appreciate that there is/was lots of stars around at the time that are special attractions, but still, it's managed to make the WWE title feel totally irrelevant. Jericho vs Punk has been a fantastic fued but it has been getting basically no attention at all because it's been getting midcard slots all the time.

    It's a totally unhealthy place for the WWE to be in, for me, Lesnar has to win the title as soon as he finished fueding with Cena. He's the biggest thing in the WWE at the moment so he should be the champion.

  2. That's because Punk isn't as big of a superstar overall as Cena and thus isn't usually gonna be featured as the main attraction over whatever feud Cena is in. But still, it's refreshing to see the title on someone other than Cena all the time. If Punk does end up feuding with The Rock over the WWE Title in the summer, he'll definitely be in the main event then.
  3. Definately. No way is Rock gonna come back not to be in the main event. But I totally agree it's refreshing that it's someone other than Cena, but they have to make sure they don't overlook the championship just because it's on Cena.

    It seems that every title has been buried since I quit watching Wrestling in '08.
  4. It's been second place because Cena's not the champ and he's been working with Rock and Lesnar, who imo, should get the main event slot. I agree that the title is being buried, it's not good for it or the credibility of the champ, also agree that while Jericho vs Punk has been a good feud it has been treated as sort of a midcard rivalry. If Lesnar or Rock win the title, I'm pretty sure it'll be featured in the main event.
  5. Punk isn't drawing, it's unfortunately as simple as that. They had a couple of weeks with bad ratings when Cena was in the middle spot and Punk main evented, so they switched it. Cena/Rock/Brock will always ME now.
  6. CM Drunk = mid carder. He could maybe draw as a main eventer if WWE hadn't cut his balls off, but as his character currently stands nobody gives a fuck about him, and I don't blame them.
  7. This!!!

    We want those ice cream bars!

  8. I ain't no midcarder DZ.

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  9. You are a jobber, I meant the real life CM Drunk is a mid carder.
  10. :kiss:

    Agree though. MITB CM Punk could ME.
  11. Yeah Punk at the moment is midcarder quality, because he has nothing to work with. Why the hell won't WWE just let him go tweener again? Give him a fued with Randy Orton or someone along those lines to re-invogorate him.
  12. No, the SD main event scene is the true mid-card scene in WWE. Vince simply doesn't give a rat's ass about SmackDown. It's just a test field for wrestlers.

    Examples: The Great Khali, The Big Show, Daniel Bryan, Rey Mysterio, Booker T, Jeff Hardy, Christian, Kane, Jack Swaggah... If you do good, then you have a good chance on Raw, like Punk did.
  13. SD is indeed treated like a proving ground for wrestlers. Most new wrestlers end up getting their chances there, either that or someone doesn't have a chance on Raw and gets thrown there. DB for example. He started out on Raw, but then after his reign went down the drain (due to bad booking, might I add) he was drafted to Smackdown. What happened? World Heavyweight Champion.
  14. C'mon, Punk did OK for a solid half a year. :emoji_slight_smile:

    Definitely not the face of the WWE like he claimed he would be. That's the thing, as long as Cena's there, the spot is taken. I don't know who Punk thought he was fooling. He just doesn't appeal to the amount of people that Cena did and still does.

    On topic, I don't think it's a mid card title. Think about it not in terms of main events. Whoever holds the title, the spotlight is on them (after Cena of course). Someone holds the WHC, meh.... you could miss them. THATS the true disgrace. The WHC used to mean something when HHH held it.
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