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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lackin, Feb 23, 2013.

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  1. Since there is no name plate on the new wwe championship is there a different plate that replaces the brahma bull's for different superstars

  2. Yup, it was confirmed by Jericho that's what the sideplates will be used for as he mentioned they're already making custom sideplates to sell in the WWE Shop.

    Pretty good idea, actually.
  3. sounds so much better than the name plate and how awesome does this look. and look where the brahma bulls are supposed to be

    image large
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  4. I just wish it didn't have have all those shiny crystals or whatever all over the belt. It gives it a "bling" feel, which is the huge reason I never liked the spinner title very much.
  5. The design of the title is all about making the corporate logo stand out, and they do just that. Without them the title would feel a lot more lackluster and bland imo.
  6. I've seen the Sheamus one, that looks cool. Wanna see the CM Punk/Sin Cara ones xD
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  7. Thought I was the only one who dug the clover design, I'd keep Sheamus away from any world title for at least 2/3 years to let him further establish and improve himself before he wins it however.
  8. Switching the side plates for each champion is really nice indeed.
  9. Yeah, I think it was made for the fans who wanted to customize their belt.
  10. Same here, but I feel the reason they made the title so shiny is so that it could sell to kids. It's the same reason the divas championship and the tag team championships look so childish well. This I think is a step up from the spinner belt even though it is a small one.
  11. A 2 girls 1 cup inspired belt would be a step up over that spinner shit.
  12. :lol1:
  13. Sheamus already tweeted his belt with clovers.
  14. i just saw it on google images
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