TLC WWE Changes Name Of TLC PPV, WWE - Chris Jericho, NXT Stars Talk About Robbie Brookside

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  2. Wow really? Just to promote the Rowan/Show match.. hmm not a fan of that. Rowan should ruin Big Slow's world at the PPV.
  3. TLC has a nice ring to it. TLCS, not so much. It's not like it'll be a huge match, anyway. But I'm fine with that stairs match, 'cause Rowan will go over.
  4. Big Show is a smart choice for the WWE to help Rowan get over as a singles competitor, tis the one main reason I'm into the match.. but yeah you're right TLCS is not even close to sounding as good as just plain TLC.
  5. Yup.

    With Rowan, Cena and Miz/Mizdow certainly winning, we should make some decent dough for TLC's bets and predictions contest.
  6. Oh great, TLCS... stupid move, TLC sounds good enough. Also, this card actually looks pretty good to me. Add in Orton to the Cena-Rollins match so Orton can take the #1 contendership (build up to this with an F5 from Lesnar to Orton when he comes back, because of how Orton RKO'd Heyman a month or two ago), The New Day vs Gold and Stardust along with perhaps a Divas match if there isn't one already and I'll be happy.

    I guess the PPV being free in the UK, Wyatt-Ambrose, Rollins hopefully curbstomping Cena, MIZDOW and Rowan make up for Ryback vs Kane and the lack of Lesnar TLC.
  7. TLC-S(hit) :heenan:

    Yup, the card is good. Should be an all around good PPV.

    As far as Orton goes, I think either him or Reigns are gonna get involved in Cena vs Rollins match. CENAWINSLOL is gonna happen, which is so obvious and either Reigns/Orton would continue their feud with Rollins heading into the Royal Rumble. I doubt they're gonna throw Orton in Cena vs Lesnar at the Rumble, it'd be nice, though. But Cena vs Lesnar needs to happen one on one for the last time, in order to finally close this Lesnar/Cena saga. I have no interest in seeing Cena going at it with Lesnar anymore.

    As an addition to your last sentence... Hopefully a promo by Heyman before the ME would also make up for the lack of Lesnar at TLC.
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  8. But STAIRS RHYMES WITH CHAIRS! How can you not like that?
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  9. Because it's cheesy :dawg:
  10. I guess the sarcasm was lost in that :okay:
  11. Guess I couldn't smell the sarcasm Trip was cookin'.

    But TLCS is so fn' cheesy, anyway.
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  12. this PPV Will be Good
  13. Yeah, it should be.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing Ambrose vs Wyatt, Harper vs Ziggler and Rollins vs CENAWINSLOL
  14. Really? That is so lame, but I think their just doing it as a gimmick and it isn't really renamed.

    EDIT: Nevermind.
  15. TLC is a good name, but TLCS? That is beyond lame.
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  16. Love the yellow sarcasm font use.

    I actually like the card basically from top to bottom. I'm not watching the Diva's match, and most of the other stuff should really help put over talent and build towards WM. Reigns is returning to take on Rollins, but I think Cena loses tbh. DZ vs Harper is about the only match I am not sure what to bet on, the rest are pretty much set in stone as it is. Ryback wins, New day wins, Mizdow wins, Bunny preshow wins (if that match happens...and i'm betting it's Zayn's move to the roster) Rusev wins, am I forgetting anything?
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  17. I agree with everything here, except... CENAWINSLOL is happening 100%, bro. Why? 'cause there's no chance of Rollins winnning, considering what he's holding in that briefcase. If Rollins' MITB briefcase was on the line as well, then it'd have been a totally different story... But, it was stupid to book Rollins vs Cena in the first place. The ME at TLC should've been DZ vs Rollins. I agree that Reigns will come back and screw Rollins out of the victory, though.

    I've said this before and I'll say it again. It's pointless that they're having Ziggler going for the IC title again... Unless they turn the IC title into something like TNA's done with the X-Division title, basically turn it into MITB 2.0, other than that... Neither winning or losing against Harper would do him any good.

    As far as Zayn goes... I think he's winning the title, bruh and he'll stick around in NXT for a few more months. But then again, there's also a possibility of Neville turning heel and retaining, so... We'll see how that one goes.
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