News WWE Cleans house. Release week 2016

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, May 6, 2016.

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    All writings on the wall in my opinion.

    I'll update the thread with any more releases done today/this weekend.

    EDIT: Cameron makes 5. Santino makes 6 and Barrett makes 7
  2. The only one that legitimately surprised me was Alex Riley. Mainly because of the tv time he had recently.
  3. Smart move, cutting all the dead weight.

    Not surprised, tbh.
  4. Santino got cut too. I thought he retired 2 years ago
  5. Santino makes six
  6. Alexander Rageman HAS to be the #1 participant in BOLA or else we'll riot.
  7. Its all to afford Ryback's new contract....
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  8. I thought Hornswoggle was released a long time ago. Haven't seen or heard from him in a long time!

    None surprise me really. I think Alex Riley was lucky he held on for as long as he did. He was never going to make it in the WWE. He needs to go and re-invent himself on the independent circuit and you never know, we may see him again sometime in the future!
  9. Did his main event push when he turned on the Miz never happen? The dude was slated as the next GUY then, and was over to that level as well. But he fumbled it all up backstage.
  10. AAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnd Barrett is officially out.
  11. As much as I hate it, this probably isn't the last time we're gonna see Hornswoggle. I hope they don't cut any more people, at least not today. I think that's pretty much all the dead weight they needed to get rid of right now.
  12. Yooooooo whaaaaaaaaaaat
  13. How is Otunga still there, he is the new jtg.
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  14. [​IMG]

    And there are more coming according to insider sources
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  15. Educated minority, married to a famous singer, and the dude is legitimately a lawyer so he probably knows exactly what WWE can or cannot do with him. He's probably milking them for money.

    Granted he does work a lot for them in their offices.
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  16. Oh it happened alright, but it was a one hit wonder. Once that feud ended it lost any kind of interest from the fans and he was found out. He didn't have any kind of gimmick or interesting personality behind him. He was a bore imo and was rightly knocked out of the lime light.

    Not to mention his private life antics that got him into hot water with WWE. Another wrestler on a long list that can't behave themselves
  17. Damn man really sad to see Barrett go. That's one dude I always thought deserved more main event time. Bullhammer was a dope finisher too.
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  18. The crowds did not cool on him. The only reason the dude stopped being pushed was because he pissed too many people off backstage and was sent back down to Florida for bad behavior.
  19. Exactly! his behaviour got him into trouble. ...but I don't agree that the fans were behind him. I believe they did cool on him and lost all interest after The Miz. Just my opinion.
  20. The only reason the Miz feud ended was because he pissed off Hunter and Cena and got sent away to begin with. The feud never really got a proper ending since Miz went into the Awesome Truth kinda awkwardly because Riley got demoted
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