WWE.com comments on the Shield

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Dec 31, 2012.

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  1. Nice text, nice to see that they can establish roles for all three without pointing out a clear leader, helps building mystique.

  2. We all know Ambrose is the leader :pity1:
  3. Re: RE: WWE.com comments on the Shield

    I wonder if he'll do a Barrett, I have a horrible feeling of dread saying that actually.
  4. I think that what makes this stable likeable is precissally the lack of a leader per sei, we all know ambrose looks to be the one but the fact that they don´t show it on tv makes it more appealing
  5. Please don't mention Barrett, if the same happens to Ambrose I might have to just revert back to being a huge casual fan and supporting Sheamus. The heart break would be unquestionably horrible.
  6. Agreed that their lack of a leader is what helps make them stand out in comparison with past groups. And their lack of a manager. I also hope they aren't eventually revealed to just be in cahoots with Punk since it would kinda ruin their gimmick.
  7. I wonder how long they will all dress the same. :hmm:
  8. The bullet proof looking vests with 300 pockets make me laugh a bit. I don't see why they don't just wear all black, the vests really aren't needed :dawg:
  9. The vests "shield" their chests? :urm:
  10. lol at how basically only Crayo said "Ambrose is obviously the leader" :lol1:
  11. It's so obvious that it doesn't even need to be mentioned :pity:
  12. As I said before, Cornwall fags automatically assume he's the leader and stuff. :dawg:

    I already knew who they were in the beginning of the year. And Reigns wasn't even Reigns, he was Leakee. #IWCBadass
  14. Yes. It is obvious Reigns is the leader :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:ipebombe:
  15. Though, I do think there's a big chance of them being in cahoots with CM Punk, mostly because of the lie detector test on Miz TV. He lied about believing he could defeat Ryback cleanly by himself and it sort of implied that he was also lying about not being in cahoots with Maddox and the Shield before the test was interrupted.

    I definitely know Punk and Heyman were in cahoots with Maddox because of Heyman pulling Maddox away to talk for a bit.
  16. I think that was just showing he knows he's fucked against Ryback without cheating of some kind.
  17. Yeah, I could be wrong. I hope I am. I don't want anyone else being affiliated with the shield.
  18. WWE Bots next post:

    Shield aligned with Punk all along.

    All of us: :dafuq: :angry:
  19. There's also always the possibility that they've changed their minds. Maybe they wanted them to be aligned at first, but then noticed how well the Shield worked as the unit it is and decided they wouldn't be in cahoots anymore.
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