WWE.com editors debate: Most underrated wrestlers in the WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Dec 13, 2013.

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    Pretty nice read. Agree with a lot of these if not all.
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  2. Tensai is definitely underrated. Always liked him (Yeah, even with the shit gimmick) and his ring work. Really good for a big guy actually.
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  3. remember when Tensai went over Cena lol
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  4. I've probably touted this horn too many times, but if you have the time. Take some time to watch his run in New Japan. He was such a good monster foreigner beating the shit out of the Japs.
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  5. I like them putting Rollins but also Santino up there.
  6. I like that they put Alicia Fox on this list. She's actually quite solid in the ring but they give her little to nothing to do.
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  7. yea she needs a main event push
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  8. She's also pretty damn sexy.
  9. got some big ol tittays
  10. Did they really put Cena on that list? Like for real
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  11. It almost inexplicable at this point that fans continue to chant “You can’t wrestle!” at a man who so clearly can. For someone with his muscle mass, John Cena’s finesse in the ring is, quite simply, astounding.

    you know its true omg Cena soooooooooooooooo good
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  12. Santino is defiantly underrated. His OVW character was fucking boss. His moveset could be much much better than the joke it is now, and he could be put with a better gimmick. It's sad to see him what he once was in OVW, and now the joke he is.
  13. dat chocolatey skin too :gusta:
  14. This. Dude has too many top notch matches to be unable to wrestle.
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  15. That's what I was thinking as well. There's no way in hell he's underrated...if anything he's overrated as hell lol.
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  16. Fantastic list, love the Alicia shoutout and of course Tyson Kidd.

    Incredible how wwe.com can bounce from kayfabe to not at levels that make Bad Influence blush... all while making kayfabe matter more than they do on Raw. "Santino's held 4 championships!" yeah, those belts don't matter, didn't matter then, or never did... but that still means something, dammit.

    Sure beats Cena on Raw talking down a 10 time world champion for never living up to his potential.

    Cena being on that list is a great shout too, the dude's been money in the ring ever since he's come back.
  17. Cena underrated? :haha: He's overrated imo.
    Gonna go with Seth Rollins. He was great back in NXT and is still good, but they need to give him some more TV time imo.
  18. Because his move-set is repetitive. It doesn't take a genius to realize everyone on the WWE roster can wrestle.
  19. inb4someonementionskhali
  20. I was going to mention him. All I can say is that he knows how to take a bump? He had training and all.
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