WWE.com Poll: Who should join The Authority next?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Apr 19, 2015.

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  1. http://www.wwe.com/inside/polls/who-should-join-the-authority-next

    Anyone, really. Now that Kane's departing, Show can kick rocks, as well.
  2. Dixie Carter :heyman:
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  3. I'd prefer the authority angle to end, tbh. Especially since Triple H and Stephanie will be off screen for a while. What exactly is the point of the angle when the leaders won't be there?
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    Um, how about nobody? I'm fine with them just centering everything around Seth Rollins at this point now that he's finally champion and keeping Big Show as his serious muscle and enforcer and J&J Security as his lackeys. That's pretty much been what the entire angle has been about all along - protecting and promoting one guy as the present and the future rather than creating an entire group of dominating wrestlers. I don't see any reason to change it this late in the game.

    If they really are adamant enough about replacing Kane though, then Sheamus and/or Barrett would be great since they seem to have a little duo going on at the moment, and everyone is already well aware of the real-life friendship that Sheamus and HHH have backstage. Might as well exploit that on-screen as well. And if they have no issue adding more championships to the group, then get the tag team titles off of Cesaro and Kidd and onto them.
  5. Fuck the filler, no one unless it's Ryder. I could get a huge kick out of his promo on taking Kane's spot (as the jobber) because dude is legit pretty sized.
  6. It will be Sheamus. He lifts weights with HHH yo
  7. Why does this even exist still. I'm a fan of HHH and Steph but those opening promos kill me
  8. Why do people dislike the Authority? Triple H & Steph are so good at that role.
  9. Besides protecting Rollins they don't serve a purpose- they pay little attention to the rest of the roster. So why not just have J&J do that.

    Steph and Triple H are great heels, I agree.
  10. It's gotten old for me.
  11. I figured Harper would already be considered a member since he spent 2 months or so as a bodyguard for Rollins back in the winter?
    Or he's just a game of thrones style banner man.
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