WWE.COM - Top 10 Heel Turns

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, May 6, 2013.

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  2. #2 and #1 were the perfect choices. I've hated the Shawn Michaels character since that day, lol.
  3. I watched that before jumping off to bed several hours ago. I agree completely with the list, though the specific order wasn't really important to me. I am glad they gave Hogan the #1 spot, though.
  4. Could've put Backlund there I think but besides that a great list.
  5. It's a good list and I liked it but in my opinion they shouldn't have repeated HHH turning heel and they should've pick one and replace the one left with another awesome turn
  6. Austin should've been on this list. But this is good enough list in its own right.
  7. I cringed at the idea of WWE.com using the term 'heel turn' but was relieved to see they used the phrase "good guys gone bad"

    Including Punk in the top 10 is a hilarious joke though :pity:
  8. That was the worst and most ill-advised heel turn ever. Although Austin was funny in the role.
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  9. What about ryback? #pushryback
  10. inb4 ryback smiley :happy:
  11. I liked CM Punk's heel turn on Jeff Hardy, but it wasn't an immediate transition.
    This heel turn shouldn't even be on the list.
  12. Triple H in dominating WWE.com list shocker.
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  13. it funny how WWE pick Hogan heel turn as number 1 since it have been in WCW.
  14. Not funny at all considering WWE owns WCW's history (as I'm sure you know) and the list loses all credibility if Hogan's turn isn't #1.
  15. truth but wwe have made list were cena number 1 so who to said that could not bs this list? and yes wcw is own by wwe but that does not mean wwe does not half to make then look good. just look at the world title today it like a mid card title when it could to ppv the days.
  16. I hope you're not talking about heel Austin during the invasion, that was pretty bad
  17. WM Turn
  18. Top 3 were good. Hogan's turn was GOAT imo.
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  19. Hogan's heel turn with nWo is as legendary as it gets. It shifted the landscape of wrestling into WCW's hands, thus forcing WWF to change and be more aggressive and whatnot. Hogan's heel turn in my opinion can't be touched by any other heel turn yet.
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