WWE.com: What If The nWo Was Reborn?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jose Tortilla, Sep 23, 2012.

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    Been calling this for a while now. It would be super epic if it would happen. Really could see Punk, Heyman, Lesnar and maybe one or two other guys starting a new nWo. :yay:
  2. it would be a face stable if john cena was leader -.-
  3. As much as most of us loved the NWO and the attitude era. Its sad to say that its over. We cant bring back the glory of that time. So why do we try ?? We could still be in an ERA like that except .... well Vince likes to buy out his rivals in the wrestling world. We need to have the competition , its the only way the story lines and wrestling will keep getting better.
  4. Why do people always talk about bringing back stables? If, say, Punk, Heyman and Lesnar started a stable, does it need to be the NWO? Unless there's an actual member of the original stable involved in some capacity I don't see why it would be beneficial to bring back an old stable instead of creating a new stable name and concept that will be remembered by future generations.
  5. There was a speculation of Nash joining in. :gusta:
  6. What for? :dawg:
  7. Guess a bodyguard/manager role..
  8. *Comes into thread to make fun of Botty*
    *Sticks around to make some logical post about how an nWo reunion in 2012 would be ridiculous*
    *Scrolls up to see Leo put it perfectly*
    *Leaves disappointed*

  9. Cena/Bryan/Punk stable? I think I'd actually love this for some reason.
  10. :hmm:

    On another note, if WWE is putting this stuff out on their site, there may be a possible chance that there will be a stable. :otunga:
  11. its The Boogeyman and I coming for you
  12. I'll cry. This just seems horrible on so many levels. :eww:


    Punk/Barrett/Lesnar/Ziggler in an NWO style stable would be pretty killer.
  13. Did the NWO not flop bad enough when they tried to revive it back in 2002? Let it die for fuck's sake.
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