WWE.com writes article on the authority and the corporation

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  1. Except Triple H was never a top guy in the corporation. When Trips joined the corporation it was already in shambles and about to be mixed with the ministry. Plus H was never the crown jewel, that was the Rock. HHH was on top in the McMahon Helmsley regime. Dat WWE.com mixup/Hunter propaganda.
  2. I'm hoping their lack of mentioning The Rock AT ALL and trying to block him out of the picture is their kayfabe way of Triple H trying to make it seem like it was all about him. The pettier reason would be WWE in real life being so pissed at The Rock for not being able to work Wrestlemania XXX that they try and create revisionist history even for a WWE.com article.

    In reality though, Orton is the new Rock in that he's the handpicked champion who's been chosen to represent the company, and there's even bigger comparisons between the two when you consider that they're both 3rd generation superstars who both become the youngest world champions ever when they won their first ever world championship.

    The rest of the article is spot on. I made these same exact comparisons over two months ago, and also pointed out how it's funny that The Shield even have virtually the same getup and attire as Big Boss Man did (who was always the #1 bodyguard and muscle for McMahon back then.)
  3. I wouldn't be surprised if it is Trips legit trying to make himself seem bigger than he is/was. His DVD does it as well.
  4. I haven't seen the newest DVD yet but people from another forum did write that the DVD almost made it seem at times like he had more to do with the AE than Steve Austin himself did.
  5. Pretty much. It did its outmost to make it seem like Trips was the reason they beat WCW and much more.
  6. Liked that Kane is the new Kane.
  7. Didn't you know? Trips is the sole reason The E was/is successful in everything they do? :pity2:
  8. This is the case during the McMahon-Helmsley era I'd say, considering how Triple H played the heel well during that time and brought ratings along with his feud with the Rock and the return of Taker around 2000.
  9. WCW was already starting to slowly die due to their own incompetence, anyway. 2000 WCW is the infamous bad year in wrestling.
  10. I'll give credit where credit's due, Triple H did do a good job during the McMahon-Helmsley era.
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