News WWE comes up with a plan to prevent future fan incidents at shows

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Sep 21, 2015.

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    Being charged criminally is a way to go. Think twice now, douchebags.
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  2. I want to believe they're actually development wrestlers and WWE for months have been trying new ways to introduce wrestlers and doing this is a new way to play with the fans into thinking those wrestlers are actually fans? What if and only what if these three are going to form a new stable in hopes to reunite the Shield and take them out? What if their goal was to try and take them out one by one and in due time The Shield realizes and understands there are safety in numbers and they need to get as strong as they once were and they understand that only way to do that is to unite and take out these "fans"
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  3. So a skinny bald guy, a dwarfish potato with dreads and some nerd are going to take out the Shield?

    These guys are marks out to make a name for themselves. This has been a problem for a while now with fans getting onto the wrong side of the barricade. A guy almost stabbed Randy Orton two years ago in South Africa for Pete's sake. Not to mention the guy that tried stabbing Ambrose a month or so ago at a house show.

    This is either a bunch of marks trying to look cool by jumping the barricade, or loons out to hurt the wrestlers.

    Back in the old days when that happened those types of people just got their arms broken and asses kicked and sent on their way, but those are not the times anymore.
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  4. It's happening way too much lately. It seems every live event fans are jumping the barricade. All it' doing is embarrassing wrestling fans.
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  5. Every match... in a steel cage :heyman2:
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  6. It's about time they take it legal. It's not like it's amusing like streakers running around in football matches, these fans are trying to get into the ring with the performers and we all know how hardcore some WWE fans are. God knows what would happen if a buffoon who knows it's not fake enters the ring and tries to strike an innocent man for playing his role.
  7. WWE has become more personal and accessible to wrestling fans.
    Wrestlers are no longer brutish and tough, they are our friends and we can tweet them, add them to social media 'demand' and autograph.
    Fans hijack storylines by being overly rude and condescending from their seats in the arena.
    It isn't that they do it, but that the commentary team generally applauds them for having a voice.

    People need better home training, but WWE is just as desperate when they make the 'business' so da*n accessible.
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  8. I say we start having the ring hanging from the rafters.
  9. What about Hell in a Cell or EC, though? That thing doesn't seem it can be accessed. :smirk2:
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    Well, there you have it.

    And LOL, I can just imagine the cellmates' reaction to Oscar's answer as to why he's in jail.
  11. EDIT: Fuck it.
  12. You'd think the smartest way to deal with this would have been to enforce it this way from the start. :hmmm:
  13. JERICHO WAS THE 3RD DUDE!? DLing NoC now.
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  14. Or let the fan in and THEN lower the cage.

    Holy fuck I'd pay to see that happen with New Jack in the ring
  15. The NOC jumper has apparently gotten interviewed.

    Yeah...... He doesn't seem to have every horse in the stable so to speak.
  16. WWE shouldm hire APA to kick these guys ass.
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