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  1. Who would you like to see at the announce tables?
  2. Raw: Cole and JBL
    SD: Cole, Mathews and Booker

    JR and Striker would be nice to hear on the main shows as well.
  3. Raw: Cole, Lawler, JBL
    Smackdown: Matthews, Striker, JBL
    PPV's: Cole, Striker, JBL
    Spanish Announce Table: Don't care, as long as somebody's getting put through the table

  4. Raw: Cole, Striker, JBL
    Smackdown: Booker, Striker, JBL
    PPV's: Cole, Striker, JBL
  5. Raw: Joey Styles & JBL. My two favorite commentators in history, I'd think they'd make an awesome duo.

    Smackdown: Michael Cole & JBL. I got into wrestling a few months before these two started commentating together, so this would be just like the good ole times.

    PPV's: JR, JBL & Foley/Striker/Matthews/Cole/Lawler/Styles. The third position will be put onto a rotation. That way every PPV will have different selection of commentators.

    As a side note, despite me whoring out JBL here, Styles is actually my favorite commentator of all-time.
  6. RAW: Cole, Lawler and JBL
    SmackDown: Stamford and JBL (if JBL can't work this much then Regal)
    PPV: Cole, JBL and JR
  7. Oh completely forgot about Regal, he is an incredible commentator imo, but I think he is kinda close to JBL style of commentating...

    Mentioning the superstars history and talking about their past generations, they are like a wrestling cyclopedia, and they are both Heel commentators...

    Raw...JBL & Cole
    SmackDown....Regal & Striker
    PPVs...Lawler, Cole & JBL
  8. I didn't mention Regal because I think he has to get a bit more experience commentating, then he'll be good to go I'm sure.
  9. I really enjoy his commentary on NXT though....
  10. So do I, he plays the role really well considering how long he's been doing it, don't get me wrong. I just think it's perfect for him to be commentating on NXT for now, because sometimes he stutters or gets lost with his words, although it's sporadic. Ofc, in little time he could be ready.
  11. I totally get your point Leo...

    A little more experience for him before he is elevated to commentate on RAW ain't gonna hurt anybody.....
  12. Indeed, I for one hope he's the full time commentator for Raw one day in the future. I hope he sticks around in this role for quite some time.
  13. We can only hope for it..
  14. It's very long odds but I would LOVE to see Jesse "The Body" Ventura as a permanent fixture at the commentary table
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