WWE Compares Cena to Superman

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Extraterrestrial, Apr 18, 2013.

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  1. WWE published an article comparing John Cena to Superman. The article notes that many fans refer to him as "SuperCena" for his "seemingly superhuman strength and his ability to emerge victorious even when all of the chips are stacked against him."


  2. Well, yeah, Superman was repetitive and boring, too.
  3. Well that's pretty much the reason why, haha.

    But the Superman comparisons really need to stop. Superman got beat down, he got his ass kicked on many occasions. He had legit heels to go against and Kryptonite to fight back from. Cena? Lolno
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  4. Superman please do us all faverioes and crush CENA ONE AND FOR ALL! And prove Cena is not a "superman"!
  5. The sad thing is that WWE sees that as a good thing
  6. ^ Exactly. WWE actually supports that ridiculous line of thinking and keeps pushing to make him seem like "SuperCena." Absurd.
  7. Everything they listed in that article is what we hate about him, but they put a positive spin on it to make it seem like we call him SuperCena as a compliment. Pathetic
  8. WWE is just mocking the IWC and our hate now. I kind of dig it. I like Super heel Cena the more everyone else wants to hate him.
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  9. Ironically the alien is a more fleshed out and humanlike than Cena.
  10. I always figured his Heel gimmick was to be that of an unbeatable baby face. I mean essentially he's got it cracked.
  11. I'm actually a fan of Cena. All the hate he gets just entertains the fuck out of me. I hope he never gets a heel turn, this shit is better then Dragon Ball Z.
  12. Yeah, just WWE mocking us instead of worrying about having a nice product as usual.
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