WWE Complaints Thread

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Saylor, Apr 15, 2012.

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  1. Right, basically in this thread you post what you could say to the WWE in terms of complaints. What don't you currently like about the WWE? Make sure that your specific and we can make this thread into a huge thread where we can debate, discuss and evaluate complaints regarding the WWE. Let's do this.
  2. This entire forum is my WWE complaints thread
  3. Understandable. Let's see some of the points you really hate, although you may hate a lot of it, you can share it on this thread.
  4. Well for starters I hate that they don't know how to do simple things like maintain a tag team division or center a feud around a mid card belt. It's resulted in the mid card being completely trashed, and you have guys like Dolph, Miz, Barrett, ect who either wind up with short term feuds in the main event or floating around in obscurity.
  5. Off the top of my head... tag and divas division being treated like crap, US Title treated like crap, Cena not losing clean to full time members of the roster, Cole being the lead announcer, NXT being treated as non-existent on other shows... There's probably more, but nothing else comes to mind immediately.

  6. The tag team division, the United States Championship and the IC Championship needs to be fixed. Cody actually had the IC Championship going again as soon as he one the belt, however it went back down as they didn't have any good feud for him which is a shame. Now who's the IC Champion? Big Show, the championship is self explanatory now.

    Dolph, The Miz and Barrett just to name a few out of many mid carders who are just floating around. They need something to do, especially them three. They even had R Truth on a main event of a paper-view against Cena, now look where he is and look what he's doing.
  7. Yeah. The IC Title situation is sad. Big Show hasn't wrestled on TV since he won it I think, he just stands on the stage showing the videos for Cody... awesome reign, huh? How about Show putting over one young star by dropping the title to them and then retiring?

    The US Title is a mess too, I posted today on a topic on the Raw section a way to bring prestige back to it, which involved building up Lord Tensai to put him over then have him win the belt from Santino, make it the Japanese Championship in a promo where he trashes US fans and feuding with Brodus Clay. Better than Santino's reign, up until now.

    WWE lacks continuity. Not only because they simply change things that happened in the past, but they often cancel pushes, for example, Ziggler. He was wrestling Punk for the WWE Title in awesome matches on PPV. Last week he lost to Brodus and Santino. Truth too, his face turn killed him. WWE has to get their act together on the midcard and things will be alright, I guess.
  8. That's a good point. Big Show hasn't wrestled a match since he's won the match, that doesn't do anything to the Championship, it's only devaluing it even more. I don't even like the guy, if I'm honest, he just needs to retire. His days are done. He should drop the strap to a younger talent and call it quits.

    I saw your post regarding the revamping of the US title and I was impressed of the way you could have the US title mean a lot more by having Tensai win the Championship, etc. He just needs more crowd reactions, other than that he looks pretty solid in the ring so I wouldn't mind if he was a US Champion soon or at one point. I don't want him to go to the Main Event and end up like Swagger, because I know for a fact that he won't stay in the Main Event stage for longer than 2 months. It's just the way WWE has completely messed up the divisions that I don't believe in a star when he get's pushed to the Main Event, aka what happened to Ziggler.

    Firstly, they need to create decent feuds, make the right people have the championships and have the shows less crowded. There's too many stars and less interesting and entertaining feuds. WWE really need to look into it.
  9. You're now one of my favourites. I completely agree. The IC title was interesting when Cody was holding it, not because of booking, not because of WWE, but solely because of how good Cody was. Imagine if Cody actually had a decent feud, they could have used Goldust and it would definitely be better than Big Slow. They just wanted Big Show on the WM card, but why?

    He needs to put over Rhodes and retire.
  10. Why can't WWE just give Christian the world title reign he deserves and not just a week or something, heck is a couple of moths to hold the gold so much to ask for. The guy absolutely amazing in the ring and on the mic so what is the problem.
  11. Probably because he became a World Heavyweight Champion at one point (whether it was the shortest reign, or not.) Also because he had a feud with Mark Henry when Mark Henry was Champion, etc, it was only fair, I guess. I didn't mind him being on the card, it's just the fact that he's a IC Champion at this present time which is annoying.
  12. I got pissed over the Goldust thing. They hinted a feud with him when Cody was almost done with Booker T, but they didn't go ahead. Once again, no continuity. IC Title vs Career match at WM would be awesome. But no, they had to have him feud with Big Show. And lose the title cleanly. Not to mention the fact that the match in itself would be awesome, due to the fact that both Cody and Dustin are great workers, Goldust could still pull off one last big match. But it's WWE. I hope Show loses the title ASAP.
  13. I'm a huge fan of Christian myself, I simply don't understand the WWE on not making him champion, again. They ruined it the first time, I remember when he lost it to Randy Orton, that was total shit.
  14. Tell me about it. I heard they have Bryan vs Sheamus vs Christian for the WHC sheduled for some house show on may 6th, so maybe Christian is going for it. He deserves it. Great on the ring and on the mic. He should also turn face in the future IMO, I like his work as a heel, but WWE is missing faces, I think. Hope he gets a main event push this year, face or heel.
  15. I heard that they're going to feud Big Show and Christian. I personally like him as a heel, he's great and get's the fans going. The ONE MORE MATCH gimmick is a pretty neat and basic gimmick in my eyes which I like. WWE is missing faces, especially on SmackDown. They should turn Del Rio as a face and keep him on SmackDown.
  16. I can list about 50 things, but the biggest complaint is that the creative team can only focus on 4 people at a time. There's so much talent in the mid-card, and it as a whole just feels so damned irrelevant.
  17. Like said above, stars like The Miz, Ziggler, Wade, etc are just floating about with literally nothing to do, when they're such great talents and something that you could do so much with. It's a real shame.
  18. Oh yeah, it's true. I remember the Show vs Christian reports... Well, who knows? Maybe Show will drop the IC Title to Christian. He would probably do a good job with it, but he's world title caliber.

    A face Del Rio could work. He's boring and not really over as a heel, even though he's good in the ring. I'd like to see a face run of his.
  19. The plus side of that is that Big Show isn't Champion anymore however I don't want to see Christian as an IC Champion when he's World Championship material. He deserves a lot more, he's a Main Eventer.

    Del Rio isn't really over and he's starting to get bland, so it's only right if he turns face it could be a great run for him. Interested to see how his run will be like.
  20. If Show and Christian feud it should no longer than a month or something, I just think it would push Christian further away from the world title reign he needs, if anything a face Big Show should feud with a heel Zeek or Drew or even his himself just as long he don't have a long boring feud with Christian
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