WWE.com's 15 card Rorschach test

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  1. WWE.com's 15 card Rorschach test


    On Raw, Daniel Bryan was ordered by new General Manager AJ Lee to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. As part of his battery of questions and assessments, he had to take the famed Rorschach test, a psychological study that gauges a patient's responses to and perceptions of random inkblot images. Bryan saw the images as himself, a "goat face."

    WWE.com analyzed some random inkblots to see if we could identify other Superstars and Divas in them. What could that reveal about us, and what could that reveal about those Superstars and Divas? So, grab your clipboard, put on your psychologist hat and check out 15 "ambiguous designs" to find out if you see what we see ...

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