WWE Concerned over Vince's JR segment.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 20, 2012.

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  1. Like we all said.
  2. I'm sorry but good. I hope Linda finishes being blown away, and they go back to pandering to ADULTS or at least the adult-crowd. JR is an asshole just like everyone else, and no one is above being insulted. Who gives a shit about a guy who was relevant in slapping the mat 3 times over a decade ago. BAstar, and realize that pretending most people in the WWE were bullied is bullshit, pure and simple. Mark Henry. Sheamus, CENA? come the fuck on.
  3. Eh, JR is more well known as being the best (or one of the best, depending on your view) announcers in the business, not for being a referee. Making fun of someone's real life facial paralysis can fairly be conceived as going too far. For some reason, WWE has always made fun of JR off and on. I'd love it if this was one of the main things that blew up in WWE's face and cost Linda her Senate seat or whatever.
  4. I can see Sheamus being bullied tbh, lol.

    Punk too.
  5. Fella was probably bullied for lacking soul. Punk was a major dork, look at his school pic.
  6. Of course Punk was bullied. Look at him!


    Hanging around with poultry. What a dork :haha:
  7. I saw the BAStar campaign thing with Mark Henry on it several times, the hell is that shit, he clearly hasn't been bullied, if anything he probably was the bully.
  8. I'd laugh so hard if that screwed them up somehow.
  9. Did vince really think it was funny to do that -.-
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