WWE concerned with crowd reaction to Ryback

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  1. Well duh, put a guy, no matter how talented that is made to be marketed to casuals in front of a smark heavy crowd and you are bound to have them rooting for the heels/more talented performers.

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  2. Classic WWE retardedness..
  3. They expected a superstar built on pleasing the casuals to get a huge reaction in New York? That seems silly, I thought it was good. He turned the Goldberg chants into his catch-phrases, what more can you ask for?
  4. Indeed. He got a good reaction from a smark crowd considering what he is
  5. So, the NY fans should accept any crap they throw in front of them?
  6. You can tell the wrestlers, commentators and everyone else involved give an extra 50% when the crowd is as hot as Brooklyn. I wish WWE spent more time in cities like New York as it can turn a shit show into a standard show, and a standard show into a classic show when your crowd is into it.

    Cena matches tend to be awesome in smark crowds as well, it's like he wants to just troll the haters constantly.
  7. Can we petition that Cena's next shirt says "haters gonna hate"?
  8. Gotta give Ryback credit on turning the crowd. He was definitely trying his ass off out there. All 6 guys put forth a great effort and it showed.
  9. Agreed. I think it's quite underrated how hard it is not to crack under pressure when more or less everyone in the stadium is attempting to mock you.

    However, I do believe the chants of Goldberg now are more just routine than actual comparisons, or chants from habit instead of projecting their disdain at a young star being pushed. I'm only basing that on the fact that one minute they were chanting Goldberg, and when Ryback hit a couple of well-struck moves the crowd was chanting feed me more.
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  10. So WWE is going to place a full plant crowd from now on? :pity:
  11. The fact that he turned a Goldberg chant into Feed Me More right in the middle of it is impressive like others have said. The Goldberg chant is just a fun chant that has stuck. I like Ryback for what he is. However, he wouldn't make a very exciting champion.
  12. I think it's better that it happened that way. If he can win over a NYC crowd in Brooklyn, he can overcome any crowd. Probably gave the guy loads of confidence.
  13. Please the crowd by the end of the match were on his side he turned it round. Proof there is more to him than ppl think he's a good dude.
  14. All those you can't wrestle chants made him pick up the pace. He needs criticism or his matches would all be boring. I don't hate John Cena, but he needs to change it up. I' bored with Super Cena and I don't care if his legion of teenie boppers get mad about it.


    That's exactly why I'm not concerned with people thinking Ryback is weak. I think he's proved that he's one of the strongest on the roster already. Even in his losses he dominates most of his ring time. The way that match played out was great for all parties involved.
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  15. I thought the shield had all the talented performers on it
  16. It's funny because there were still lots of Feed Me More chants throughout the match. I think he did a good job considering the scenario, much better than I expected.
  17. The crowd lat night was smart. They gave him a goldberg chant as well as a feed me more chant. This goldberg stuff will go away soon.... I THINK?
  18. It was a smark crowd, so no surprise there. They should be happy with the fact that he turned the Goldberg chants into Feed Me More chants, that was pretty good.
  19. In all honesty, how long do you really think Ryback can 'entertain' the masses??

    Its all very nice to have some new guy turn up who's jacked to the hilt, all power and destruction.

    But lets look at Ryback long term, he sucks with the microphone! He has no charisma, he's not funny or witty nor does he really have the potential to create the real show stopper moments in a PPV.

    I can't see him ever having a situation where instead of coming out all hyped, waving is arms up and down or flexing his shoulder and shouting feed me and shaking like he's having a muscle spasm.
    Actually coming out, standing at the top of the ramp with a microphone and really entertaining the crowd.

    He's already as boring as Scott Steiner was for me. I don't want him to be champion, I don't think he deserves it or would be a good champion. Certainly not better than CM Punk thats for sure.

    Punk comes out and entertains everyone for 10-15 minutes each night just him, heyman and a mic.

    Even Goldberg got boring! Two moves and that was it! He could come back from ridiculous beat downs from men as big as Triple H and then finish them with a spear and a jackhammer.

    Blah blah snore!

    Perhaps if he was on Smackdown yes, go fight big show or Sheamus, but not CM Punk.
  20. :Steiner: boring? Have you listened to any of his promos ever? The main is pure gold!
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