WWE Confident TNA Star Joining Their Roster

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 2, 2013.

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  2. What a bullshit report. lmao
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  3. Sting's TNA contract is up in January of 2014, lmao.

    And yeah, yet another embarassing report by Meltzer and co.:kobe:
  4. Don't want him anyway
  5. They were going through all the great world champions of the past on both the WWE and NWA/WCW side of the table. Almost impossible not to mention Sting, although as memory serves, they completely ignored mentioning him really at all on the Monday Night Wars and The Rise And Fall Of WCW DVDs. Pretty sure it doesn't mean anything, though who knows.

    I don't really care to see Sting in WWE anymore. The last great time for him to jump would have been sometime around 2001-2004 and that time is long past.
  6. Well, eventually could mean by February next year, or if WWE and TNA could come to an agreement to let him go early. But its a typical Meltzer article.
  7. Meh, don't want him in WWE.
  8. Have no interest seeing him wrestle for either company anymore, and also think Sting will remain loyal to TNA at this point in the game.
  9. >Goes to F4W
    >Looks for this report
    >No report
    >Bullshit accredited to Meltzer
  10. Doubt this is legit, but I wouldn't want him wrestling in WWE anyway.
  11. Sting was my all-time favorite and I would love to see him in the WWE just for nostalgia, but he is waaaaaaay past his prime.
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  12. I don't mind him wrestling but it should be incredibly rare, he can still go but he shouldn't need to this close to his 4th quarter.
  13. Any way they can put him on commentary?
  14. I'm assuming sitting him ringside will help.
  15. This year Hogan said this:

    I think this isn't legit since Sting didn't want to leave last year... He didn't even join after WM3 when Hogan convinced Vince to sign him and Sting didn't accepted. I think Sting will end his wrestler career in TNA
  16. Hogan lies ya know and Sting can lie too. Hogan also claimed not be on be steroids.
  17. Every wrestler would lie about steroids. About it, I don't think Hogan is lying when he said it.

  18. I think that post-WM3 story was a complete Hogan lie. Sting wasn't even a big star in NWA/WCW yet when Hogan claims he wanted bring him in and just pass the torch and everything to him. Hogan reaches his peak at Wrestlemania 3, gets the biggest reaction of his career there when he body slammed and defeated Andre, and yet he wants to turn heel and give it all to an unproven talent? This is a guy who wouldn't even put over Sting cleanly as a HEEL the three or so times he faced him when he (Hogan) was past his prime in WCW, never mind his prime and peak in '87.

    Also, Sting wanted to jump in 2011 (said so himself in a radio interview) but Vince wanted him to work a full schedule instead of a part-time one so he signed another contract with TNA. If the story posted in this topic has any truth to it, maybe Vince has re-considered and wants an Undertaker/Sting match at Wrestlemania XXX.
  19. That match would be awesome to be honest. It's true that he wasn't a big star when Hogan claimed he wanted to have him in but I think Hogan knows that he could grow in WWF/E.

    By the way, Sting said this a month ago or so.

    Maybe this topic is true but I don't think Vince will sign him as a wrestler just for a match tbh.
  20. Why would anyone even want to see him on WWE tv at this point?
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