WWE confiscating 'Albert' signs at RAW

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  1. At Monday's RAW SuperShow at the Verizon Center in Washington D.C., WWE had arena security confiscate signs referencing Lord Tensai's past characters—Prince Albert, Albert and A-Train. The signs were taken away prior to his match against Yoshi Tatsu. During the bout, the crowd could be heard chanting "Albert," which Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler did not acknowledge.

    While Cole referred to Lord Tensai as a returning WWE Superstar in his RAW SuperShow debut last week, there has not been any specific references made to any of his former personas on television. However, WWE.com has acknowledged that he previously competed as Albert and A-Train before "embarking on a journey of self-discovery in Japan."

    ^Lol omg are WWE serious? taking away signs of his old name. Whatever happened to freedom of speech? and WWE claim they care about the fans yeah right
  2. This is so ridiculous it's actually funny.
  3. They should acknowledge it tbh, the whole gimmick is a past WWE star who honed his craft in Japan. So show his lack of success as A-Train then show him as a present day monster and it could help him get over so much.
  4. You forgot. #wwelogic
  5. They took away the signs and the crowd started to chant Albert. Hahaha
  6. If you don't want to see it, you'll hear it.
  7. It quiet easily could be heard. I sometimes don't understand the WWE and the decisions they make, it's pretty poor.
  8. If WWE actually acknowledged the crowd they would be so much more successful. When Daniel Bryan gets great reactions at Smackdown surely your immediate thoughts are to respond to them by giving him a push? No, lets just block them out and pretend it never happened.

    I'm going to go nuts on Monday if they block out some of London's chants.
  9. They probably will butcher some chants, Vince has plans for people and if things don't go the way he plans hell is usually to pay. Even if going with the natural flow is going to make him richer.
  10. Just look at a couple of weeks ago, that Miami crowd helped make that Raw the best that I've seen in my time.

    That crowd made him a buck or two as well - YES! YES! YES!
  11. Vince just needs to go with the flow of how things turn out instead of going against things
  12. WWE is wrong, but the fans aren't 100% correct also. I agree, if they paid, they can write on signs and chant whatever the hell they want, but they should also respect the performers. I don't think Matt Bloom welcomes this very well, wrestlers normally take their gimmicks very seriously. Sounds a little disrespectful, uncaring and smarky IMO.

    If the YES chants stop because they're always taken out on editions, it's going to be pure bs, and I'll laugh a lot when WWE doesn't have any stars because when they had an obvious chance to push someone they killed their momentum.
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