WWE Considered a Major Title Change for Over the Limit

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Big Hoss Rambler, May 22, 2012.

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  1. Damn they canceled in the last minute.
  2. It was too early. It will change hands next PPV.
  3. Agreed. Next PPV or even after that Bryan should get hold of the gold.
  4. Well, I would've liked to see Bryan win it, but I agree that it would've been early. He should win the title at NWO though.
  5. He should become champion by Summerslam max. It'll be a nice little run for him, that is until Brock kicks his little ass and becomes the WWE champion with an F5. :dawg:
  6. I agree that Bryan should be champ by Summerslam at least. But honestly I think Bryan is one of the few guys in that locker room who could beat up Brock or at least rough him up seriously in a real fight. Bryan is apparently tough as nails.
  7. I'd love to see Bryan vs Lesnar in a similar style to Cena vs Lesnar. And for the WWE Title? It would be great. And by having Bryan hold his ground against the MMA Badass Lesnar is portrayed as, would give a more aggressive side to his character.
  8. That would probably be the biggest push of his career to hold his own against Lesnar. Especially since he has a similar build to Santino. It would probably be the biggest push since HHH pushed Batista.
  9. Yes, and it would be a great idea, because WWE has to build new true main eventers by using guys like Lesnar, Rock, or even Cena, and Bryan would be a great pick. Punk would be a good guy to feud with Lesnar too.
  10. Bryan is tough but Brock would anally rape the guy. Bryan is probably one of the closest to being the toughest in the back behind Brock ofc.

    Anyway, Bryan would take Lesnar into a 5 star match guaranteed. Tbh, Brock/Cena was epic until the ending. Imagine Bryan with him.
  11. Brock would double leg DB and smash his face into the ground until it was a liquidy mush.

    As for the report on DB winning the belt, WWE is always booking shit as they go, so of course they considered it, they consider everything before ultimately deciding to do whatever would be the worst option. DB winning the belt and feuding with Brock at SS would be awesome.

    At this point I really don't care who takes the belt off of Punk, just end this miserable reign already.
  12. Now it's almost guaranteed he'll win the belt at No Way Out, which I predicted all along anyway.

  14. I can't wait for the rage when Punk loses.
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  15. Yesssssssss glad they changed their minds and let CM Punk retain he is the best in the world and the best champion
  16. I thought everyone on this forum was a Bryan stan. :dawg:
  17. As long as Bryan wins the title, trust me you won't see any rage coming from my side whatsoever.

    I just don't want them to bury him, I mean he has been the WWE Champion for several months now and he has not been in the ME of one single PPV these past few months which is sickening.

    That's what pisses me off and when they take the title from him he'll definitely be featured in the list of superstar's ready to be squashed by Clay/Ryback.
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