TLC WWE Considering Two Big TLC Matches For Next Month's Pay-Per-View

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Prince Bálor, Nov 19, 2014.

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  1. Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

    "There was some speculation that John Cena may get his WWE World Heavyweight Title shot against Brock Lesnar at December's TLC pay-per-view as Lesnar will be returning to TV next month.
    It hasn't been confirmed that Cena vs. Lesnar won't take place at TLC but Cena is also being considered for a Tables, Ladders & Chairs three-way with Seth Rollins and Randy Orton.

    Either way, it looks like Rollins will be in the Tables, Ladders & Chairs match. If the three-way doesn't happen, the other option being considered is Rollins vs. Orton."

    Source #2:
  2. One TLC match was confirmed yesterday at Survivor Series.
    - Ambrose vs Wyatt. This should be awesome! But I'm curious to see if there'll be something on the line here, maybe some kind of a contract or some other option may come into play... Or maybe it's going to be a usual pinfall/submission match only including tables, ladders and chairs. We'll see.

    The other TLC match may include Rollins and Orton... And possibly Reigns, he said that he'd be back at/by TLC next month. My guess is that Rollins would be defending his MITB briefcase in a TLC match against Orton or against both Reigns and Orton.

    As far as Cena vs Lesnar goes, please do it at TLC. It'd be so much better if they did Orton (or anybody) vs Lesnar at the Royal Rumble. Give us something new, before Lesnar drops the title at WM31. It'd be lame if they had Lesnar only working the Rumble, possibly against Cena, like it's been rumored for months now, and then dropping it at Mania to somebody.

    Just have this guy work more often. If you knew you couldn't afford him, why'd you put the titles on him in the first place? Is it because the WWE-WHC needed some credibility or something? Oh, please. Now it's losing credibility 'cause your champ is sitting at home, not even working the PPVs. FFS, WWE. Get your shit together.
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