WWE considering weekly legends segments for RAW

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jul 28, 2012.

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  1. As fun as those were I say no, just no. They have served their purpose. Let them go.

  2. Theyd forget about it after a few weeks anyway so I'll say no.
  3. Eventually they'd run out of relevant legends anyway. I'm not sure how many times Slater can job either. It might be cool to do this temporarily and feed them to someone who can get a boost from them -- like Ambrose for example.
  4. I agree. No more legends. We need to put over the new stars now.
  5. no more legends pls1!!1!
  6. Poor slater hah
  7. Legends can be used for that. I see them being useful if they were to actually job, but they only come back to win it seems. They're all a bunch of marks.

  8. XD
  9. Bob Backlund has already returned so I'm OK with legends.
  10. they'll do anything for the ratings...
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  11. I was disappointed that we didn't get to see stone cold, but one a week no, Sadly Steve has surgery source
  12. Depending how long it will be before SCSA is ready again, they might just carry it on until he is back so Slater can job to him. What is the matter WWE, why can't you just wake up and realize you don't need legends, just push Kidd and Riley, it's not hard!
  13. Oh hell no.
  14. I'd also have to say no to this, as much as it was great seeing them turn up for Raw 1000, I think every week it would start to get a bit repetitive, plus they'd only be so much they could do with them anyway,
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