WWE Considers Two Huge Names for SmackDown Returns

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by CM Punk, Sep 4, 2012.

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  1. PLEASE! :yay:
  2. Again. He needs to finish climbing 6 mountains before that.
  3. We Want JBL.
  4. Provided that he survives climbing Mt. Everest I'd like to see JBL on commentary. Mick Foley is an ok pick for commentary, I've heard him do it before and he's ok. I'd rather see JBL because he sounds more appealing than Mick. I also think Matt Striker could do Smackdown commentary, he's not that bad either.
  5. Even though this is fantastic news, it screams made up bs to me. Everybody knows JBL will be on WWE TV before or during 2013, the guy has admitted himself he really wants to. JBL and Foley together though, I'm not sure it would work.
  6. JBL for smackdown, save Foley for RAW.
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  7. JBL would be nice. Foley would be good as well but I prefer Bradshaw.
  8. JBL on Smackdown, Regal on Raw :obama:
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