WWE copies TNA again

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Senhor Perfect, Jan 17, 2013.

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    Damn thieves :lol1:
  2. Well thank god I get a snapback. It was almost not worth it.
  3. If it was the other way around everyone would be shitting on TNA
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  4. And da ice cream bars? :upset:
  5. I'm convinced WWE are just doing it to piss TNA off because of the lawsuit lol. It's quite ironic that WWE is stealing a form of marketing from TNA of all places.
  6. Their next move is to make the KOTR tournament based on a points system between all competitors. Striker thinks that's a fresh, innovative idea.
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  7. Companies nick marketing strategies from each other all the time. That is something we can't blame either company for.
  8. In this case we can blame WWE because of the simple reason they've never done that kind of VIP deals. Don West of TNA made that stuff legendary in TNA, and all the reports from WWE live events I've read, never said there was a meet and greet, chat with wrestlers, VIP bags etc.

    So here's a fuck you to 'E for stealing great ideas.:pity1:
  9. I think Tim hortons should sue Starbucks
  10. I read that last night and thought it was kind of amusing. I know when my friend and I talked about trying to get to one of the TNA events, with each $50 ticket purchased you got a meet & greet opportunity. We had been to one WWE house show last summer and going to one next month, but of course that wasn't offered, even with the higher-priced floor seats. We both thought it was awesome that TNA offered such a thing with cheap tickets.

    This makes me wonder how much WWE will charge for those VIP packages and how many of the live events they'll be available for.
  11. I remember when they had a deal that if you buy a Dolph Ziggler shirt, you get to meet him at a live event.
    Should have done that. :sad1:
  12. Well, it's an interesting idea, good for them that they're using it.
  13. Stuff like that really made me want to go to a TNA show, they always made the fans feel important because without the fans, there would be no TNA.

    WWE definitely should have done that before, but they've always been too self-indulgent and thought the fans would just come to the logo. Guess this era of declining ratings is giving Vince's ego a slight hit.
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  14. I suppose the vast attendance differences between the two could be a factor. It seems silly that WWE wouldn't offer these deals at house shows though, I dunno if their schedule has anything to do with it but yeah.
  15. What is this, like the fifth or sixth idea stolen from TNA now? I thought WWE was a big time entertainment television production and TNA was just a 'rassling show...
  16. No wonder they have the upper hand, they take all the good ideas from tna
  17. Your point?
  18. WWE/Vince has condescended against TNA in the past, yet they still ideas from them anyway.
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